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Recent Landlord Advice

Blank Rental Agreement Forms

If you’ve came to this page looking for blank rental agreement forms then you’ve came to the right place. Sort of. We offer you what is essentially a blank rental agreement form. The only twist is we make it a lot easier for you to complete it! We have our...

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How to Download & Print our Easy Landlord Forms

Recently, we had a couple of people ask how to download and print our easy landlord forms. It’s actually extremely easy to download our landlord forms, however I wanted to write up a quick step by step guide with images just to show how you download your forms or agreements....

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5 Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them

Tenant complaints are part and parcel of being a landlord. Handling all tenant complaints in a professional manner as a landlord is highly important. Not only will you gain a solid reputation as a landlord, however you will avoid any potential legal issues. Unfortunately landlords are getting sued every day...

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5 Online Alternatives to Craigslist

In a previous article, I wrote about 7 Alternatives to Newspaper Classified Ads. I received some e-mails about #1, which stated that you could use websites like Craigslist to promote your rental property. People wanted to know what other websites there were that they could use, which were similar to...

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Questions to ask Previous Landlords

If you’re looking to get good tenants, then you need to do your homework. So many times I’ve heard of landlords who ended up with bad tenants, and when they checked into it they found that the people had a history of bad reputation based on previous locations that they...

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What you can’t ask when Interviewing Tenants

A lot of new landlords don’t understand that when you are interviewing tenants, there are a lot of boundaries that you can’t step over. Yet many landlords are doing this time and time again. Not only are they potentially turning off new tenants, but they are opening themselves up to...

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