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Booth Rental Agreement

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Landlord Information

Enter in the Landlords name and address here. If there are two landlords at separate addresses click "Two Landlords" and enter their additional information. If both landlords reside at the one location you can put both names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Tenant Information

In this section you enter the tenants name, and optionally their address. If there are multiple tenants at the same address(or you aren't including addresses) you can just select "One Tenant" and put all of their names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Booth Information

Description of Booth:
What the tenant is using the booth for:
Booth Street Address:
Zip Code:

Agreement Details

Agreement Type:

Agreement start date:

Agreement Renewal Cycle:

Payment Information

Tenant will pay rent by the:
Rent amount:

Payment methods accepted:
Rent date:
(ie: beginning of the month)

Payments to go to:

Is there a late rent payment penalty?

Is there a returned/bounced check penalty?

Provide eviction notice/termination details?

Is there a security deposit?
Amount: $
Non-payment of rent:
Days Notice

Additional Provisions

Is the tenant permitted to sublet the booth?

Has the tenant been able to inspect the booth?

Is the landlord responsible for utilities payments?

Is the landlord responsible for tax payments?

Is the landlord providing equipment to the tenant?

Other Details

Date the Notice is Signed:
Would you like to add a proof of service of this notice?
How many witnesses would you like to add?

Would you like to add extra details?