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Bill of Sale Form Information

What Is A Bill of Sale Form?

A Bill of Sale Form is a general form which provides details on a transaction between two parties. Legally, if you are selling our purchasing an item it is recommended that you have a Bill of Sale form created providing all of the details of the transaction to protect both of you legally.

Where Can I Get A Bill of Sale Form?

Please check out our all-in-one Bill of Sale Form.

Rather than create individual Bill of Sales, we have created multiple Bill of Sales all within the form. You can create:

  1. A Vehicle Bill of Sale Form
  2. A Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form
  3. A Firearm Bill of Sale Form
  4. A Miscellaneous Bill of Sale Form

The latter will allow you to create a bill of sale form for ANY item which you are purchasing or selling. All of our bill of sale forms are also in line with any specific state restrictions in regards to purchasing or selling.

Why Do You Need A Bill of Sale Form?

You need a bill of sale form when completing a transaction between you and another person. These sort of transactions are coming up more often due to the popularity of Craigslist and other websites like Craigslist.

If you are selling or purchasing an item of a significant amount, it is recommended that you get a Bill of Sale form. It will protect both of you. For example – if you were purchasing jewellery then it would be recommended you get a bill of sale notifying all of the details in regard to that item, and the value that the seller is claiming it at. Then if later on you discover it is fake, you are protected legally against the seller.

What Should Be Included In A Bill of Sale Form?

Any general bill of sale form should include the following:

  • Purchasers name and address and signature.
  • Sellers name and address and signature.
  • Date of which the transaction is taking place.
  • Date of when document is signed.
  • Purchase amount and payment method.

In addition, the contents may change depending on the type of Bill of Sale Form. For example:

Vehicle Bill of Sale Form: Should include the Make, Model and Year of the Vehicle, as well as the VIN #. It should list any claims against the vehicle, if there is an inspection report attached, and whether or not the vehicle is being purchased “as is”, or if there are any repairs or changes being made prior to the transaction. It should also list the current odometer reading, or if it is above 99,999 then also state that it is in excess of the odometers mechanical limit.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form: As above, but it should also state if a certified mechanic will be inspecting the motorcycle, and the size of the engine.

Firearm Bill of Sale Form: A Firearm bill of sale form should list the manufacturer and model of the firearm, and the serial number of the firearm.

Miscellaneous Bill of Sale Form: In our Bill of Sale generator, we allow you to enter the item, any additional details about the item, and if there is any current claims against the item.

Bill of Sale Form Templates:

Due to the variety of Bill of Sales forms available and that we offer, we recommend checking out our Vehicle Bill of Sale Form where you can change the data and see a variety of templates. Due to the amount of customization and state regulations we cannot provide one “catch-all” Bill of Sale template.

Sample Bill of Sale Form:

You can check out our Vehicle Bill of Sale form as mentioned, and click to preview it to see a sample of what it looks like. We recommend entering dummy text to get an idea of how it all lines up.