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Breach of Lease

What Is A Breach of Lease Notice?

A breach of lease notice is a notice that is sent to the tenant from the landlord.

You can see an example a beach of lease form as well as a blank breach of lease form – just click “Create my Agreement” at the bottom of the page to see what a blank breach of lease form looks like.

The breach of lease form is a notification from the landlord to the tenant, informing them that they have breached the original lease that they signed when they started renting your property.

The breach of lease will provide the reasons as to why they breached the lease, and the days the tenant has to amend the situation before the possibility of eviction will occur.

Why Do You Need A Breach of Lease Notice?

You need a breach of lease notice to notify the tenant that they are in effect, in breach of their lease.

You cannot just evict a tenant – even if there is reason to do so. State laws require that you have a specific reason to evict a tenant, and that they are given proper time to remedy any potential issues or eviction reasons.

Therefore, you send the tenant a breach of lease notifying them of these issues. You also provide them with X amount of days that they have to remedy the situation. The days notice may be outlined already in your original lease agreement.

If the tenant has not remedied the situation within the amount of days set within the breach of lease notice then you will be able to deliver an eviction notice to the tenant, if so required.

Breach of Lease Notice Templates

Due to state-specific laws and terminology, we’re unable to provide one big “catch-all” breach of lease notice template for you to use.

Instead we offer our “breach of lease notice form generator”. That’s a mouthful – but it makes life a lot easier for you.

Rather than playing around with a completed form that has redundant information – our breach of lease form is very simple to use, and asks you what information you wish to include. It takes just 3 minutes to fill the form and then you’re all set with your fully customized breach of lease notice.

Try it out for yourself – click here.

Where Do I Get A Breach of Lease Notice?

Click here.

Sample Breach of Lease Notice

To see what a breach of lease notice will look like – click here.

This will take you to our breach of lease form. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page – no need to even enter any data. Click “create an agreement” and you’ll be shown a sample breach of lease notice.

What Do I Need To Put In A Breach of Lease Notice?

It depends on your breach of lease notice – some of it is optional. But this is the data you should be considering when creating a simple breach of lease notice:

  • Landlords Name
  • Tenants Name and Address
  • Premises Address
  • Whether a copy of the original lease is attached or not
  • Date the breach of lease was committed
  • Exactly why the lease was breached
  • Days notice being given before further actions may occur
  • When the breach of lease was issued

State Specific Breach of Lease Notices

All of our breach of lease notices are State specific. Whether you are looking for a Texas Breach of Lease or a Florida Breach of Lease – just click here. When you choose what State the property is in, the form will remember that and put in any pertinent data for your specific state.

Free Breach of Lease Notice

Our Breach of Lease notice is not free – but it’s very cheap. We use a very complex system to provide you with a very professional but simple breach of lease notice form. Try it out.