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Business Forms

Welcome to the “Business Forms” section of DIY Landlord Forms.

We used to offer just forms dedicated to landlords, however we have had a lot of customers asking for more forms as they really appreciate the form creation system we use, and the service we provide. So we have created this non-landlord form section of DIY Landlord Forms for you.

Confidentiality Agreement:
Our confidentiality agreement is easy to use, and great for parties who are looking to protect sensitive information.

Service Agreement:
If you are employing anyone to complete a service, it’s highly recommended you get a service agreement contract written up. We’ve got you sorted now – you can create a service agreement with our template generator.

Storage Agreement:
We have a storage agreement if you are looking to store someones goods. It is important that you provide a contract for that to cover and protect you from situations such as damages.

Equipment Rental Agreement:
Ever gave or rented out equipment to someone? Be sure to use an equipment rental agreement even if they are friends to protect yourself. And of course it’s a requirement for any business that is renting out equipment.

Employee Termination Letter:
Terminating an employee is never fun but it’s a lot easier to do so with our highly customizable employee termination letter.

Probation Extension:
If there is an employees probation which is being extended, you can do that easily with our probation extension form.

Freelancer Contract:
If you are a freelancer or if you are hiring a freelancer, it’s extremely important you are both protected by a contract. Out Freelancer Contract allows you to create one that protects both parties and covers all of the details needed.