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Probation Extension Preview

______________ _____, ________


Dear ,

As you and I have already discussed on , regarding your failure to meet the performance expectation associated with your job within the probationary period, I have chosen to extend your probationary period. Your probationary period has been extended to , .

On , we outlined the essential job functions and performance expectations and identified reasonable solutions to improve your performance. We also discussed the actions that will be taken should you fail to successfully meet our standards within the extended probationary period. I trust that you will be able to meet this expectation. Please inform me immediately if this is not the case.

Hopefully you understand the need to have full confidence in our employees. If you have any further questions ove the standards of performance or conduct required, please raise them with me immediately.

I can be reached by telephone at .

Very Truly Yours,



Dated: ______________ _____, ________.


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