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Storage Agreement

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Owners Information

Enter in the Owners name and address here. If there are two Owners at separate addresses click "Two Owners" and enter their additional information. If both Owners reside at the one location you can put both names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Depositor Information

In this section you enter the Depositors name, and optionally their address. If there are multiple Depositors at the same address(or you aren't including addresses) you can just select "One Depositor" and put all of their names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.


Goods Details

Storage Goods:
1st Item:

Container Type:



Storage Rate Per Month:

Handing In/Out Rate:

Payment Details

Storage Charges:

Is there a pro rata basis for recieved goods?

Rent date:
(ie: 1st of month)
Is there a minimum charge per month?

Miscellaneous Details

This amount of days notice provided before moving goods.
This amount of days notice given prior to public sale advertisment.
Maximum limit for damages is dollars.
For cancellation of this agreement, days notice must be given.

Contract Details

Agreement Type:

Agreement start date:

Agreement Renewal Cycle:

Other Details

The date the document will be signed:
How many witnesses would you like to add?

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