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Canadian Forms

This section of DIY Landlord Forms covers forms within Canada. If you are a landlord in Canada this is where you would go to create all of your forms.

All of our forms are priced in US Dollars however the price of the US Dollars have been lowered to reflect the same price in Canadian dollars. If you have a Paypal account and pay with that you have the option of paying in US Dollars or if you use your Canadian credit card, it will auto convert with the current exchange rate.

Landlord Forms:

Canadian Residential Rental/Lease Agreement: This is a residential lease agreement which covers all provinces in Canada. If renting out a property, be it a condo or a house you would use this form.

Canadian Rent To Own Form: If you are renting a property to own in Canada, this is the form to use.

Canadian Commercial Lease Agreement: If you are renting or leasing a commercial property or a property for commercial purposes, use this form.

Canadian Eviction Notice: If you need to evict someone from your property use this form. You can also use this form to give a tenant a warning or provide them a deadline to fix a violation.

Canadian Lease Extension: If an existing lease needs to be extended, use this Lease Extension.

Canadian Lease Cancellation: If an existing lease needs to be canceled and both parties agree, use this lease cancellation form.

Canadian Lease Agreement Addendum: If something needs to be added to an existing lease, use this lease agreement addendum form for Canada.

Canadian Lease Agreement Modification: If an existing term in your lease needs to be modified, use this lease agreement modification form for Canada.

Canadian Rental Application Form: If you are renting to prospective tenants in Canada use this form to create your custom rental application form.

Canadian Roommate Agreement: If you are looking to get a roommate or two in your property in Canada, use this form to cover all the bases and make sure no issues occur. Trust us – roommates can have issues and this will be very helpful in the long run.