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Canadian Rental Application Form

Landlords Information

Enter in the Landlords name and address here. If there are two Landlords at separate addresses click "Two Landlords" and enter their additional information. If both Landlords reside at the one location you can put both names in the "Name" field separated by a comma.

Postal Code:

Premises Information

Fill in the address of the premise and what type of premise it is. You can also enter additional details about the premises like number of bedrooms or bathrooms.
Premises Type:
Postal Code:

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Applicant Information

Ask the Applicant their name?

Ask the Applicant their date of birth?

Ask the Applicant their phone number?

Ask the Applicant their work phone number?

Ask the Applicant their mobile phone number?

Ask the Applicant their social insurance number?

Ask the Applicant their drivers license number?
Ask who will be sharing the premises with them? (ie: kids)

Ask the Applicant if they have pets?

Ask the Applicant if they smoke?

Get motor vehicle information from the Applicant?

Applicants Current Living Arrangements

Do You Wish To Ask About the Applicants Current Living Arrangements?

Ask the Applicant their current address?

Ask the Applicant how long they have lived there?

Ask why they are leaving their current address?

Ask their current rent amount?

Ask their landlords name?

Ask their landlords phone number?

Applicants Current Employment

Ask what they do for a living and where they work?

Ask the Applicant their present salary?

Ask the Applicant about any other income they may have?

Ask the Applicant their previous employment details?

Ask about the Applicants spouses current employment?

Ask for the Applicants spouse current salary?

Applications Banking Details

Ask Applicant for Bank Account Information for Credit Reference?

Ask the Applicant if they were ever evicted?

Ask the Applicant if they've ever had a foreclosure/repossession?

Ask the Applicant if ever filed for bankruptcy?

Ask the Applicant if they've been convicted of a crime?

References & Contacts

How many personal references should the applicant provide?:
Ask the Applicant for an emergency contact?

Other Details

The date the document will be signed:

Expected Possession Date:

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