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Commercial Lease Agreement

What Is A Commercial Lease Agreement?

A commercial lease agreement is an agreement that is written and agreed to by both the landlord and the tenant. A commercial lease agreement differs from a residential lease form because it is specific to a retail location or property, such as a retail store, office space or a restaurant.

Why Do You Need A Commercial Lease Agreement?

If you own any sort of retail property and are renting it out to a prospective tenant, both parties need to sign a commercial lease agreement.

The commercial lease agreement outlines the specific details of the lease, to protect both the tenant and the landlord in case of wrongdoing. The commercial lease agreement also protects and covers the landlord in the case that they need to serve an eviction notice to the tenant, or a notice to pay and quit.

Commercial Lease Agreement Templates:

Rather than provide you with thousands of Commercial Lease Agreement Templates to look through, we’ve made it a lot easier. We’ve created a Commercial Lease Template Generator that we use on a regular basis, and made it public for everyone to use.

This generator takes every template you can think of, and rolls all potential Commercial Lease Agreements into one. We then allow you to fill in the commercial lease agreement with your requirements and it is handled in a very short, easy and simple way. You fill in all the required information and our system immediately generates for you the ideal commercial lease agreement, set up to your specific requirements.

It couldn’t be easier, and it saves having to create your own commercial lease agreement from scratch.

Where Do I Get A Commercial Lease Agreement?

You can generate a commercial lease agreement using our generator: Commercial Lease Agreement Generator.

Sample Commercial Lease Agreement Form:

To see a sample commercial lease agreement, visit our commercial lease agreement form and click the preview button, to get an example of a commercial lease agreement.

What Do I Need To Put In A Commercial Lease Agreement?

All Commercial Lease Agreements have a lot of optional information that you may wish to fill in, or may not wish to fill in. With our commercial lease agreement we cover everything that you could think of.

Our commercial lease agreement factors in the following:

  • Landlord Name & Address(Optional: Multiple Landlords)
  • Tenant Name & Address(Optional: Multiple Tenants)
  • Premises Information: Location of premises, what type of premises it is, the square footage, an open-entry box to cover all premises details.
  • Specific rules in regard to the premises, including: whether smoking is allowed, whether pets are allowed, parking information, signs and billboard information, whether or not the tenant can make modifications, improvements or sublet the premises.
  • How many days notice is required for when the landlord needs to enter the premises.
  • Terms of Agreement: Whether it is a Lease Agreement or a Rental Agreement. When the Agreement Starts and Ends(Optional), as well as termination notice details ie: Notice for breach in lease, Notice from Landlord and Notice from Tenant.
  • Payment Information: How often rent will be paid, and the amount of rent. When the rent payment is to be made, and if sales/profits percentage is to be calculated into rent. How the payments should be made, and where. If there are any penalties in regard to returned checks or late rent, and if there is a security deposit. Many landlords also like to include tax information within their commercial lease agreement.
  • The responsibilities of the tenant: Whether or not the tenant is required to perform any maintenance or duties on the property, and if so, what.
  • Detailed listing of utilities tenant must pay.
  • A listing of any appliances or furnishing supplied with the premises.
  • Details about any amenities or extras available for the tenant.
  • Additions & Appendixes: Whether specific information, such as blueprints, diagrams or an inspection report, are to be included with the agreement.
  • An exclusive use clause.

This may seem overwhelming, but that’s why when we are doing commercial leases we use our commercial lease generator!

State Specific Commercial Lease Agreements:

All of our Commercial Lease Agreements are set up specifically for each State. So when you are creating your Commercial Lease Agreement, simply choose the State that the property is in when filling out the property address, and the form will be automatically updated to comply with any state-specific commercial lease requirements.

Free Commercial Lease Agreements:

While we can’t offer our commercial lease agreements for free we do offer you incredible deals on them. First of all, the price of one commercial lease agreement is just $19.95. But wait – when you purchase your commercial lease agreement, you’re purchasing minimum one week access to the form. What this means is that for the next week you can create multiple commercial lease agreements for free.

On top of that, we have various easy upgrade options to better accommodate you. If you create many commercial lease agreements in a given year, then purchase one year access for just $59.85 and you can create commercial lease agreements for free all year round.