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Eviction Notice Form

What is an Eviction Notice?

An eviction notice is a notice that a landlord must provide to their tenant, before they are able to evict them. Legally, the landlord must provide in writing a notice to the tenant that they are being evicted, for what reasons, and with the date that they are being evicted.

Technically, an eviction notice is more of a warning that the tenant is in danger of being evicted, than actually being evicted.

Why Do You Need an Eviction Notice Form?

Legally, you need an eviction notice served to the tenant before you have the option of evicting them. If the tenant breaks the terms and conditions that you set and they agreed to in the lease agreement form, then you can evict them based on that.

However you need to serve them with this eviction notice first, noting what terms they broke, when they made the violation, and what action you would like to take.

An eviction notice form has many variable resolutions; you can send it as a warning to the tenant, or provide them a deadline to cure the violation that they committed. You can also charge a violation fee.

Eviction Notice Templates:

Eviction Notices tend to have a LOT of variables, as there are many different violations a tenant can do to warrant receiving an eviction notice.

Based on that, it is impossible to offer a wide set of eviction notice templates that cover every infraction the tenant can make.

However DIY Landlord Forms has came up with the next best thing: a catch-all solution that will cover anything and everything you need to enter into an eviction notice.

Simply use our eviction notice generator to create an eviction notice set up for you specifically within minutes.

Where Do I Get an Eviction Notice Template?

You can use our eviction notice template generator to create an eviction notice to suit your needs.

Sample Eviction Notice Form:

To see a sample eviction notice form, click here and preview it.

What Do I Need to Put in an Eviction Notice?

In an eviction notice form, you first need to cover the basics that you would use in any landlord-to-tenant form. These are the landlords name and address, the tenants name and address, and the type of premises that the tenant is located at. You must also put the address of these premises.

Next, you need to write in all the terms of the eviction notice. You must mention the date of the violation, as well as a detailed explanation of how the tenant violated the lease agreement. It is highly recommended that you quote the specific clause that the tenant broke.

You should then write what action will be taken. The actions are variable, and can include giving the tenant a warning that future violations will result in eviction, provide the defendant with a set amount of dates to cure the violation, or charge a violation fee.

To charge a violation fee on an eviction notice, you must have specifically mentioned this in the original lease agreement.

Finally, you may want to write the date that the eviction notice was signed, assign proof of service, and list witnesses to the eviction notice.

Make it easy on yourself – use our eviction notice generator.

State Specific Eviction Notices:

All of our Eviction Notices are set up to be State Specific eviction notice forms. You can rest assured that our eviction notice generator will create an eviction notice that is compliant with the state that your reside in.

Free Eviction Notice Form:

I’ll save you time – there’s no good free eviction notice form out there. Any free eviction notice forms could be rampant with error, and not include crucial details. They most likely don’t apply to your situation or state either.

While we can’t offer free eviction notice forms(due to how highly customizable they are) we provide unlimited free eviction notice forms after buying one. So for example if you buy one eviction notice form and choose the one week access option, you will have one week access to unlimited free eviction notice forms.