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Knowledge Base

Welcome to the DIY Landlord Forms Knowledge Base.

If you need more information about whether or not you need a form, then this is the place for you. We provide details on ALL the forms available at DIY Landlord Forms.

Landlord Forms:

Rental Agreement Form Information: Our Rental Agreement Form page discusses everything about Rental Agreement forms. It explains what a rental agreement form is, and why you need it. It breaks down the information you will need if you have never filled in a Rental Agreement Form before. It’s almost like a “Rental Agreement Form for Dummies” guide.

Rent To Own Form Information: Our Rent To Own Form page guide covers everything you need to know about rent to own forms. We detail exactly what you need to have in a rent to own form, why you need it, and what you use it for. If you’re unsure about rent to own forms then be sure to read that page.

Commercial Lease Agreement Information: In what we consider our “Commercial Lease Agreement for Dummies”, we provide you with all the information about a Commercial Lease agreement. We explain what a Commercial Lease Agreement is, how to fill it in, what information to include, and how best to use our Commercial Lease Agreement Template.

Lease Addendum Agreement Information: For information on what a lease addendum agreement is, or for help with filling in our form.

Lease Modification Agreement Information: If you have a lease agreement that needs modifying, read this page to see how you go about creating a lease modification agreement.

Lease Agreement Extension Information: Not sure how to fill in our lease agreement extension or want the details? We provide all the information to help you if you are creating an extension to a lease agreement.

Lease Cancellation Agreement Information: If you need to cancel a lease but are unsure how to proceed then our document walks you through it, explaining the process as to cancelling a lease, why you should do it and what needs filled in.

Rental Application Form Information: We have the most customizable rental application template on the internet, and in this article we explain how to use it as well as why you need it and what to ask on a rental application.

Roommate Agreement Information: This is basically our Roommate Agreement for Dummies – we walk you through why you and your roommate need a contract like this, the purpose of it, how it works, what it protects you from and what information is required to fill in a Roommate Agreement.

Eviction Notice Information: Evicting a tenant is something that has to be handled delicately and with care. We break down exactly what you need to write when you fill in an eviction notice form, and what information you need to include with your Eviction Notice Form. If only the actual eviction process was this easy and helpful!

Notice To Enter Information: If you are not sure how to enter a Notice To Enter form, or what is required on an Entry Notice Form then don’t worry – our page here provides you with all the information to assist you in setting up a Notice To Enter form.

Notice to Pay or Quit Information: If your tenant has fallen behind on their rent, then you can provide them with a notice to pay or quit. Our Notice to Pay or Quit information page covers all the data and information that you need to fill in on this notice, as well as let you know when you need to use one of these forms, and how to use it.

Breach of Lease Notice Information: If your tenant breaches their lease then you need to provide them with a breach of lease notice prior to taking any further actions – such as an eviction notice. This article informs you what a breach of lease is, why it is required, and what information you need to fill in a breach of lease notice.

Rent Increase Notice Information: If you have a tenant residing at your property and you wish to increase the rent, you need to hand your tenant a Rent Increase Notification. Our information page on Rent Increase Notices discusses what requirements you need to set before you can use it, and all the data that you need to cover when you create your Rent Increase Notice.

Booth Rental Agreement Information: Renting a Booth? Here’s our page describing what you must include in a booth rental agreement.

Business Forms:

Service Agreement Contract Information: When hiring anyone to do contract work you need to get it in writing . our knowledge base article provides you with information about the agreement and what you may wish to include in it.

Confidentiality Agreement Information: Click to read all about the confidentiality agreement that we offer for you to create.

Storage Agreement Information: If you are looking to create a storage agreement, we offer the ability to do that here at DIY Landlord Forms. This document will cover everything in regard to what you need to add to the agreement.

Financial Forms:

Promissory Note Information: If you’re looking to fill in a promissory note, our detailed guide takes you through the process.

Security Agreement Contract Information: Going side by side with our promissory note, it’s recommended you get a security agreement if there is any collateral. Read our guide for information about filling in the agreement.

Bill of Sale Information: Our Bill of Sale covers everything – from vehicles to miscellaneous items, and we also have a detailed guide for it you can read. On top of that, we offer a specific Vehicle Bill of Sale. You can read details about that here.

Boat Rental Agreement Information: Renting out your boat? You need yourself a Boat Rental Agreement. Our article describes everything you need to include in a boat rental agreement.

Miscellaneous Forms:

Photography Consent Agreement Information: All the details for photographers and photography studios on a consent form.

General Release Agreement Information: We give a step by step guide to our general release agreement here, and all the details about how to use it.