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Boat Rental Agreement Information

What Is A Boat Rental Agreement?

A boat rental agreement is a document which covers the rental of a boat. Whenever you are renting out your own boat, or renting a boat from someone else, it is extremely important that a contract is written up covering not just the basic rental details, but also specifics in regard to the boat, and rules and regulations.

Where Can I Get A Boat Rental Agreement?

Right here, at DIY Landlord Forms! Get our Boat Rental Agreement here.

Why Do You Need A Boat Rental Agreement?

To cover you legally. You really should cover a lot of specifics in the agreement. Really the most common reason is so you get your boat back on time! From speaking to many boat owners who rent out their boat, their frustration was people being late when it came to returning the boat. Our agreement will have you covered as it will offer you the option of a late return penalty, as well as all of the specifics in regard to payment of the boat, and when and where it should be returned.

What Should Be Included In A Boat Rental Agreement?

First of all, include the owners name and address and the renters name and address. Be sure to check for ID on the renter too and that it matches up. If anything happens you want to be able to track them down.

In regard to the boat specifics, for identification purposes put down as much as you can about the boat. Our form above allows you to put the name, type, make, model, year and HIN# of the boat.

Then of course you will need to put down the rental details. When the rental period starts and when it ends, as well as the port that the boat will be taken from, and where the port will be dropped off.

Our boat rental payment option is VERY flexible. We list a variety of payment options to choose from, and the optional clauses of a late return penalty or if the renter wishes to cancel the boat rental agreement all the details on that. If you wish to add a fuel surcharge our form allows that in both gallons and liters.

There are many specific guidelines you may wish to include about the boat. There may be a limit on the amount of people allowed on the boat, or whether alcohol is allowed. Our form covers that too.

Then the agreement needs the signature of the owner and renter for authentication purposes.

Boat Rental Agreement Templates:

Our boat rental agreement is highly flexible, and so you can check out what the template would look like by clicking “Create My Agreement” on our actual Boat Rental Agreement. That will show you a sample boat rental agreement.

Sample Boat Rental Agreement:

As mentioned above, click “Create my Agreement” on the link above to see a sample Boat Rental Agreement.