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General Release Agreement Information

What Is A General Release Agreement?

A General Release Agreement is a document that is used by a person or persons who are releasing another person or persons from some sort of debt or contract. The general release form will forever discharge the releasee from any and all claims, demands, manner or causes of action, suits, debts, covenants, contracts, controversies, agreements and liabilities not just from the releasor, but any representative or heir to the said releasor.

Where Can I Get A General Release Agreement?

We have been expanding our forms here at DIY Landlord Forms beyond just landlord forms, and we now offer a miscellaneous forms section where you can create your very own General Release Agreement.

Why Do You Need A General Release Agreement?

As said – if you are releasing someone then you need it in writing. This will protect the releasee legally from any future claims, suits, debts or additional issues. You can see the full list by clicking the link above, and clicking to create the form. Even without entering any data, you can view the form and see what it covers.

What Should Be Included In A General Release Agreement?

You should list the releasors personal details such as their name and address, and then the releasees personal details. Our form is set up to allow both multiple releasors and multiple releasees.

Next you should note whether or not the releasee is making a payment for said release, and if so the amount of the payment. Again – our form covers this and allows you to enter it if it is necessary. We then also allow you to add any additional details or provisions in addition to what our template says.

Upon completion of the agreement, you will be able to download it in PDF, HTML or RTF Format. The latter option means you can edit it in any Word Processor software such as Microsoft Word. So while we do have a static template – if you wish to make any changes to the wording you can do that with ease in MS Word.

General Release Agreement Templates:

As the content of a general release agreement can vary, we have one big catch-all template. Click here then click to create the document and you can see a blank form.

Sample General Release Agreement:

Same as above – click the link then click to create it without entering any data, and you shall see a sample general release agreement and what it will look like, minus your personalized data, upon completion.