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Photography Consent Agreement Information

What Is A Photography Consent Agreement?

If you are a photography or photograph studio and are taking photographs, audio recordings or videos of people, who we will hereafter refer to as the subject, then you need to get the subject to sign a consent form.

There are multiple reasons why you may need a photography consent agreement or a photo waiver release. The main reason that you would want to obtain a photography consent agreement is if you have plans to publish the images in any way or use them for commercial use. For example, if you were going to take a photo of someone for use in an advertisement then you would need a a photo release form from the subject of the photo. Additionally, if you were going to sell a book of your photography or something of that nature, then all of the people in your photos would need to sign a photography consent form of some kind.

The requirements for a photography consent form will include the name of the subject, a statement that gives permission to use the photo without payment, the rights to digitally enhance the image, and a release of any copyrights in the future.

When you take a photo. you then own the copyright of that photo. However, you would need the person in the photos permission to sell. A great way to think of a photography consent form is simply as a permission slip. It may be a good idea to get a consent form filled out any time you take a photo. Even if you are doing it without the intention of publicizing it at the time you take it, you may decide that is something you want to do in the future and having that consent form makes that a lot easier.

Where Can I Get A Photography Consent Agreement?

Click here: Photography Consent Agreement.

You will then be able to create a photography consent agreement to your exact needs and requirements.

Why Do You Need A Photography Consent Agreement?

As mentioned – for legal reasons, the model or subject must sign the consent agreement.

If they are a minor or not of legal age, they must have a representative such as a parent to sign the form for them.

What Should Be Included In A Photography Consent Agreement?

The photographer or photography studio name and address must be listed. The subject then must also be listed with their name and address. They also need to sign the document at the bottom confirming everything within it.

The Photograph Release Form should state that the Subject gives permission to the photography study to use the photographs or media of the person in any which way or form, without the subject having any rights of approval on the usage of said photograph.

Photography Consent Agreement Templates:

To see a template, simply click here and click “Create My Agreement”. You will see a blank template.

Sample Photography Consent Agreement:

To see a sample photography consent agreement, follow the above steps.