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5 Online Alternatives to Craigslist

In a previous article, I wrote about 7 Alternatives to Newspaper Classified Ads. I received some e-mails about #1, which stated that you could use websites like Craigslist to promote your rental property.

People wanted to know what other websites there were that they could use, which were similar to Craigslist. There are quite a lot of websites out there that you can use to promote your rental property, however bear in mind that there are also a lot of state and even city specific websites.

In a future article we may cover state specific websites you can promote your “for rent” ads on, but for the moment here are 5 excellent alternatives to Craigslist for Landlords:


Kijiji is the #1 alternative to Craigslist when it comes to posting rental ads, or any sort of classifieds. Many people feel that Craigslist attracts “too many nuts” due to its popularity – and you will find that Kijiji can be a lot more productive in terms of potential clients.

Kijiji has a variety of local websites based on city and state, with a full and detailed real estate section where you can post for rent properties like apartments, houses and rooms. There are also specific categories set up for short term rentals and vacation rentals.



One website that can be helpful when posting for rent ads is Realtor.com. Realtor is a very professional and trustworthy website, and you can be guaranteed excellent clientele there. Realtor does a great job for both landlords and prospective tenants when it comes to rentals, offering various mobile apps for users too.

Please note that you need to be a paid member to promote your rental property on Realtor, so it is recommended you only use Realtor if you have a lot of properties to really benefit.



Sublet.com is a popular website when it comes to both finding rentals or posting rentals. They advertise with Google Ads to ensure maximum visibility for prospective tenants. You can post apartments, rooms to rent etc on Sublet.com for free.

Sublet is broken down by State, Country and City. Interestingly, they allow landlords to post for free, but offer a payment option for tenants. This can really help ensure that you get the best type of tenant.


eBay Rent.com

Rent.com is a website brought to you by eBay.com. It costs $49 per month, however it is an excellent website in regard to getting prospective tenants.

Rent.com also offers a guarantee – for $49 a month they will guarantee 15 leads in 30 days, and if they don’t follow through with that you get a month free. Their listings are handled in a very professional manner, and they do the hard work in bringing you prospective tenants.



Oodle is a website that mostly focuses on vehicle and real estate, although they do offer a variety of other listings too. Oodle is a much more professional version of Craigslist, with sections broken up by city.

Their website allows you to offer picture galleries, and provide a wealth of relevant information for the tenant. It is free to post ads at Oodie.


What Websites Do You Use?

There are many more alternatives for landlords out there to post their listings, and we will start listing them here in future articles. However if there are any websites that you like to use for rental listings, please contact us so we can list them in future articles.