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5 Tips For Making A More Appealing Rental Property

Renters or potential tenants are discriminative and usually particular about where they live hence as a new landlord or potential one you need ways of making your property inviting and appealing. This will bring in renters more quickly and save on realtor or broker’s costs and not to mention making their job easier. As a start you need to consider what tenants look for and then find ways on how to meet their expectations.

Below are some of the common factors that potential renters or tenants look in apartments or houses:

  • Location: This is among the first things renters consider for instance whether the place is near their work place, near the city center or access to roads.
  • Appliance:. Some renters have their own appliances but most might settle for places that already have these necessities such as washing machines, fridge, etc.
  • Closet space: Everyone needs enough space for storage and renters are not different. Female renters usually want space to store all their clothes and shoes and also families need space to store the children’s clothes and toys therefore to them a big closet space would be a priority.
  • Renovation: Most people prefer beautiful things like nice floors, freshly painted wells, nice furniture. This obviously depends on the renter’s income but still one would prefer a properly kept house even though they are not high income earners.
  • Natural light: Tenants tent to prefer rooms or buildings with big windows that let in enough sunlight or a place with a front or backyard for walks and rests.
  • Parking space: If a potential tenant owns a car they will definitely prefer a place with ample parking space
  • Security: Everyone wants a place where they can fee safe so tenants will feel more comfortable renting in places that are secure and in good neighborhoods

With the above factors in mind, below are 5 quick tips for making your rental property more appealing.

Whip into shape. This means that improve the curb appeal of the property because first impressions are lasting impressions, a tenant can write off a building if its appearance is not up to par. Remove any weeds, trash, replace broken windows, keep the lawn well mowed, apply a fresh coat of paint preferably in a neutral color etc. Bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen sell properties so ensure that they are clean because a prospective tenant can be put off by the dirty site of any of these. However do not over renovate as the tastes and requirements of each tenant are different.

Improve utilities. Fix up the lights, replace old door handles. If the piping system or electrical wiring is faulty replace it, put up an extra water tank just incase there are cases of water shortage etc. This might coast you in the short run but it will pay off in the long run.

Make more space. Keep the rooms of the house clutter-free for instance get rid of tools, old furniture or useless appliances as renters will want a house with ample space where they can keep their stuff. If possible add an extra room or install shelves for storage.

Advertise online. Posting attractive photos of your property and other amenities around online can also attract more tenants. There are various portals or websites where you can advertise for free. This means you save on broker and realtor fees. There are many websites that will offer free advertising for a limited period. Other great portals for free online advertising are social networks as these have a wide user base and potential tenants.

Emphasize the positives. For instance if your property is located near multiple amenities such as recreational centers,, schools, hospital, shops, roads etc make it known to your prospective tenants as this can make your property more desirable. Also check out other competing houses so that you can accentuate the positives your house boasts of over them like a larger compound, a bigger kitchen etc to potential renters or tenants.