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5 Tips for Remodelling Bathrooms on a Budget

A beautiful modern bathroom can add a ton of value to your property. However, remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive project. Usually the best work is accomplished by hiring a knowledgeable professional to do the job. Property owners can save a lot of money however, by doing a good deal of the work themselves. Follow these tips to create a beautiful modern bathroom without the excessive expense.

Get Your Permits and Build to Code.

Even for the accomplished DIY landlord, remodeling a bathroom is a huge project. It involves carpentry, electrical and plumbing work. Even if you are committed to doing the job yourself it may be worth it to consult with a professional before tackling the job. Check for recent references for any contractors you may consider hiring even as a consultant. Hiring someone who does not know what he is doing can really blow your budget. Before starting your project you must acquire the proper building permits and make sure your plans meet current building codes. Failing to do this can seriously reduce the future value of your property. A professional contractor should be able to get the proper permits with ease and save you the time and hassle of a trip to City Hall.

Plumbing and Electrical Requires a Professional.

Remodeling your bathroom becomes much simpler and less expensive if you do not move the plumbing or electrical. Moving the plumbing requires tearing up the walls and floors and laying down new pipe and that is work that should definitely be done by a professional. If you are doing this yourself be certain to locate your water shutoff values well ahead of time to prevent floods and other water accidents.

In older homes your bathroom likely has lower amp wiring that will need to be upgraded to effectively run modern bathroom appliances. In your remodeled bathroom you will want at least a 20-amp current to run your hair dryer, electric razors and other appliances that probably did not exist when your home was built.

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Work Wonders.

A nice coat of paint can make any room look better. In smaller spaces try using lighter and calming colors to create an inviting atmosphere and the illusion of space. Accent your main color with a mix of complimenting neutral colors. You can also add color to painted fixtures as an inexpensive way to add to your bathroom remodeling. Be certain to use the correct types of paint on your fixtures typically you want a ceramic paint. You can make painting fixtures quick and easy by buying your ceramic paint in spray cans. Be certain to wear a mask while painting and keep the room well ventilated. You can even paint your replacement tiles to create beautiful patterns in your shower or on the floor.

You should probably avoid using wallpaper in your bathroom as most varieties will not stand up to the high humidity in bathrooms. It is possible to find heavy coated wallpaper that will work in the bathroom but it will be more expensive.

Decorative Accessories Can Beautify Your Existing Bathroom.

Another inexpensive way to add to your bathroom remodel is through the use of accessorizing pieces. A visit to your local flea markets or thrift shops can often turn up wonderful pieces that will make your bathroom look uniquely glamorous. Shelving units add useful storage and can display other decorative items. Try placing your shelving units into the corners of your bathroom to help create the perception of a bigger space.

Your older cabinets and storage units can become like new with a little paint and some thoughtful additions like new knobs and handles. And do not forget about your bathroom windows. Try replacing your regular window panes with frosted or stained glass. Some nice drapes can replace boring shades while adding color to your space. New towel racks, hooks, bars, and even toilet levers are another nice accessorizing touch to consider.

Modern Bathroom Fixtures Add Beauty and Function.

Replacing old bathroom fixtures with modern ones is a nice way to upgrade your bathroom and it does not have to be very expensive. A new showerhead is an easy fix and multiple showerheads are on a lot of people’s want lists. If you do add multiple showerheads, be certain you have a water heater large enough for the job. There are plenty of beautiful and affordable faucets and sink basins available that will make it look like you spent a fortune on your bathroom remodel.

Your simple ceiling light fixtures can be upgraded easily by adding new globes and dimmer switches. Add layers to your bathroom lighting by adding new light sources such as wall sconces and vanity lights. You can even put decorative lights above the tub. If you have the ceiling for it you might even consider adding a small chandelier. New lights add mood and atmosphere that greatly increase the look of your newly remodeled bathroom.