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5 Tips for Writing A Great Rental Ad

Finding the right tenant for your rental space can be difficult. The ad you create to sell your space can ensure that you fill your space as soon as possible at the rate you want. You want an ad that will stand out from the dozens or possibly hundreds of competing listings. The internet ensures that thousands of potential tenants will see your ad. Of those thousands of eyes you want to have as many clicks on your ad as possible. You can make that happen by following these five simple steps to creating a great rental ad.

Write a Headline That Pops

Your first and best opportunity to gain interest in your ad is through the headline. Your headline should include as much information as possible while delivering a clear message about the space you are renting. Avoid using the same overused wording that other ads use in their headlines. You want your headline to stand out and intrigue a potential tenant. Use powerful adjectives and try to tell a story about your property with your headline. “Charming Two Bedroom for Rent” is fairly typical. “The Two Bedroom of Your Dreams in a Culturally Sophisticated Neighborhood” is a little better.

Include an Alluring Description of the Property

Advertising on the internet gives landlords a huge advantage over newspaper classifieds. Your internet ad can use as much space as necessary to paint a picture of your rental space. You do not need to use potentially confusing abbreviations and you should not use them. You want the body of your ad to provide the apartment seeker with all the information he or she may need to make the decision to call you.

You want your ad to list all the basics – how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms, if there is extra storage space, parking included, close to public transportation, and whatever potential benefits there might be in the neighborhood. You should also list all the features and benefits of choosing your space to rent. As you describe the features you want to paint a picture of what living in this apartment might be like. If the apartment has a huge kitchen with modern appliances you might describe the kitchen as “the perfect space for those who like to cook and entertain guests.”

If the apartment is an area that features great schools, beaches, parks, restaurants, or anything that someone might think is a perk of living there you should list it in your ad. If it has huge picture windows describe them in your ad. If the place has new wood flooring, office space or plenty of storage space you need to put that information in your ad in the most flattering form possible. You ad should create a desire in the potential tenant to live in the space you are renting over all the other possibilities.

Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words

Many tenants will not even consider an apartment listing that does not include photographs. Your photos should include a few essential shots – the exterior of the building, the master bedroom, the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Take the time to find the most flattering angles and the best lighting. Be certain to clean up the apartment as much as possible before taking any pictures. You may consider hiring a professional to take the photos for you.

List Your Rules, Requirements and Contact Info

Describing your space is essential but it is just as important to list your rental terms, rules and requirements for the potential tenant in your rental advertisement. The tenant needs to know how much the rent will be. How long is the rental agreement? Do you require a credit check for all potential tenants? Does your potential renter need to provide you with employment references? Do you allow renters to keep pets in the apartment and what kinds are allowed or not allowed? Your ad also need to list clear contact information and the times it is best to contact you.

Check Your Spelling, Grammar and Language

Carefully check you ad for any errors before posting it online. Spelling errors or grammatical mistakes can be a huge turnoff for some people. Utilize spell check or have a fresh set of eyes look it over for you. You also need to be careful not to include any potential discriminating language that may get you in trouble. It is important to avoid such language, even something as simple as preferring a quiet couple without kids can be a huge mistake when creating your ad.