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Alabama Notice of Entry

Alabama notice of entry is a formal letter the landlord or property manager gives to the tenants of a rental property to alert the tenant of the property manager or landlord’s intent to enter the residence. A notice to enter rental property is both a gesture of courtesy and a requirement by the law that recognizes both tenants and landlord rights.

Other Terms Related to Notice of Entry

  • 24-hour notice to enter
  • Intent to enter notice
  • Notice to enter
  • Landlord inspection letter
  • Notice to enter rental property

When can you issue Alabama notice of entry?

You can only issue 24-hour notice to enter whenever you want to enter a tenant’s home with the exception of the following:

  • Emergency
  • When issued with a court order
  • If the tenant fails to maintain the rented unit
  • Tenant’s absence for more than two weeks

If you believe the unit has been abandoned

  • Some of the few cases when you would issue a notice of entry include
  • Pest control services
  • House inspection
  • Repairs and upgrades to the rented unit

How to write Alabama notice to enter

Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act set down guidelines that ensure that tenant’s rights are respected. One of these guidelines states that a notice must be given if the landlord or the property manager wishes to enter the tenant’s premise. A notice of at least two days must be issued.

A basic notice to enter must include basic information; the landlord’s and registered tenant information, the reason for entry (repairs, inspection, etc.), premise information, date to enter the premise.

Our notice to enter template allows you to enter both tenant and landlord’s information. It covers up to two landlords and four tenants. Then you’ll be required to write down premise information stating the premise type, street address, city and zip code.

Next, you are required to put down the terms of the notice. This includes the date when the inspector will enter the rented premise and also give a brief explanation of the reason you’re entering the tenant’s unit.

In “other details” section state when the notice to enter form will be signed, the proof of service and the number of witnesses.

How to Issue Alabama Notice to Enter

Alabama law describes what’s considered proper landlord inspection notice. The law states that the landlord should pin a notice on the main door the tenant uses to enter or exit their dwelling unit. The notice of entry should include the following:

  • The date and time when the landlord wishes to enter the tenant’s dwelling unit
  • The purpose to enter the unit

However, if the landlord is contacted by the tenant about a needed repair or if the tenant signs a different agreement that allows the landlord or the property manager to show the unit to prospective tenants, then the landlord doesn’t have to give a notice to enter letter.

After issuing the tenant with a notice to enter, the landlord is allowed to enter the unit at “reasonable times” generally in the course of normal business hours.