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Alabama Rental Agreement

An Alabama Rental Agreement is a contract signed between the landlord and the person who intends to rent the space (tenant). An Alabama rental agreement can be used for both commercial and residential spaces. In the United States, the Federal Law requires that all states incorporate some uniform elements in their rental lease agreement.

Mandatory details in a rental lease agreement

  • Both parties (property owner and tenant) personal information,
  • Location address and the legal description of the rented property,
  • Premises guidelines (whether pets, smoking is allowed),
  • Disclosure of safety, health, and occupational hazards,
  • Disclosure on security deposits and the amount
  • How rent will be paid

While the above elements must be included in any rental agreement, States often differ on crucial rental agreement issues. For example, some states grant the property owner entry to the rented premises without giving the tenant notice while others require the landlord to issue the tenant with an entry notice.

As a landlord, to best protect your financial and legal right, it’s important to make sure that you acquaint yourself with the state’s landlord and tenant’s law.

Alabama Rental Agreement Form Section

Our Alabama lease agreement form is simple, easy to fill and capture all the important elements that are a mandatory in a rental agreement as required by the Federal Law. Using our form will save you from the possibility of committing to a one-sided lease which could result in future litigation.

Our Alabama lease agreement form covers for different premises (house, condominium, basement, apartment, room, and mobile home) in all cities in Alabama. The Federal law requires that all rental & lease agreements include the location and legal description of the rented property. You can quickly capture all these details in the first section “premises information” of our residential lease agreement template.

Simply check on “yes” or “no” answers if smoking and pets allowed or not allowed on the premises on the premises guidelines section.

Alabama Rental Agreement Disclosures

The property management company or the property owner must include certain disclosures in an Alabama lease agreement.

The Alabama landlord tenant law (see here) require that the landlord to give the tenant a two days’ notice to enter the premises for non-emergency purposes. You can highlight the number of days’ notice you’ll give the tenant on the last part on “premises guidelines” section of our form.

Was your house built after 1978? Our form will let you generate a lead paint disclosure as required by the Federal Law. Under the “payment information” section you’ll be able to customize how the tenant will pay the rent weekly, monthly or yearly and the mode of payment.

You can also highlight the amount of security deposit the tenant is required to pay on our Alabama rental agreement. It’s important to note that as a landlord you cannot demand amount more than one months’ rent as a security deposit. (Code of Alabama Section 35-9A-201).

Our Alabama rental agreement form allows you to add other details to the agreement such as the dates when the agreement document will be signed, the number of witnesses and other details that you feel would be vital included in the rental agreement.