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Arizona Notice to Enter

An Arizona notice to enter is issued by the landlord or the property manager to the tenant of a rental unit to inform them of the landlord/property manager’s intent to enter the unit on a given date at a reasonable time.

Arizona property managers or landlords have the legal right to enter their rented property. However, the legal right comes with its limitations to make sure that it’s not used as a form of intimidation or harassment.

When can you enter a tenant’s unit in Arizona?

Tenants have the right to privacy in their dwelling unit. However, it doesn’t restrict the landlord right to entry. The Arizona state laws state that the landlord can enter a rented unit in the following circumstances:

  • Perform inspection and repairs
  • Emergency cases such as serious water leak or fire
  • Court order
  • To show the rented unit to prospective new tenants, contractors or purchasers

How to write Arizona notice to enter

Writing a notice of entry letter doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Our Arizona 48 hour notices to enter form is fairly simple to fill and capture all the basic information as required by the law.

First, you will have to write down the landlord and tenant’s information including full name, legal street address, city, and zip code. Our landlord notice to enter template covers for two landlords and up to four tenants.

Next, you’ll need to write down the tenant’s dwelling unit information. It includes the premise type (house, apartment, basement, room, mobile home or condominium), address, city, and zip code.

The “terms of the notice” section will require you to write down the date when you’ll enter the rented premise and also give an explanation why you’ll be entering the unit.

You can also add the date when the Arizona notice to enter letter will be signed if proof of service is available and the number of people to witness.

After filling out the landlord inspection form, click “Create My Agreement” to get a preview of the document and download it on your computer in different file formats.

Why you should issue Arizona notice to enter a dwelling

The use of a notice of entry fulfills the legal requirement for landlords or property manager to notify the tenants when they intend to enter their dwelling space. A notice to enter also gives the respective tenant sufficient time to tidy up and make the necessary arrangements before the landlord visits.

The law requires the tenant be issued with Arizona landlord right to enter dwelling unit at least two days prior unless it’s on emergency purpose unless the tenant agrees to a shorter notice.

Who can enter the rented property?

Anyone other than the landlord or property manager can enter the rented premise on their behalf provided that the individual is entering for a reasonable state on the notice. For example, if handyman repairs are needed, the landlord will give a notice that a handyman will be entering the unit on a specific date and time. The landlord can also enter their tenant’s dwelling unit to perform needed inspections.