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Arizona Rental Agreement

The Arizona rental agreement is a formal agreement between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord allows the tenant to use their premises in return for a rent paid either on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis as stated in the lease agreement form.

A rental agreement form outlines the obligations for both the tenant and the landlords on the rented premises.

What You Should Know about Arizona Lease Agreement

Our Arizona lease agreement form captures to the detail every vital detail as per Arizona state laws. You can create a rental & lease agreement for different premises including a house, mobile home, condominium, room, basement, and apartment. The most commonly used rental agreements include a month-to-month lease, a commercial lease, a sublease agreement and a roommate agreement.

The lease agreement form allows you to capture the premises information such as city, address and the zip code. In case you want to add more details to the premises, we’ve got you covered as well. Click on the “yes” option, and it’ll expand giving you an option to add extra details about the premises.

You can also make the tenant aware of what allowed and not allowed on the premises on the second section “premises guidelines’ on the rental & lease agreement.

The Arizona laws on-premises access require that the landlord give the tenants a two-day notice to enter the premises for non-emergency. Our Arizona rental agreement form lets you indicate the number of days’ notice to access the premises.

Arizona Rental Agreement Disclosures

Our rental lease agreement form lets you capture the most important disclosures compliant with Arizona State Laws.

The Arizona state laws on security deposits allow the landlord to request security deposits from the tenant. However, the security deposit in Arizona is restricted to amounts not more than one and half month of rent. On the “Payment information” section you can select “yes” on the security deposit question, and it’ll expand to a section where you can add the amount of deposit the tenant is supposed to pay. The security deposits must be refunded to the tenants within fourteen days (not including holidays and weekends) after a move-out inspection has been conducted.

Additionally, on the payment information section on the Arizona rental & lease agreement form you can indicate when the tenant is expected to pay rent, either on a month to month basis, weekly, after every three months, six months or yearly.

You can choose the mode of rent payment from the options provided, when the rent should be paid and the penalty for late payments or returned checks.

Lead Paint Disclosures

Federal law states that any building unit built before 1978 could be a lead-paint hazard. Landlords in Arizona are required by the law to provide a lead-paint disclosure to the tenants in the rental/lease agreement.

If there are any amenities in the premises, you can quickly provide more details and rules of use on the “amenities & extras” section. If you would like to add extra fields to add information not captured on our Arizona rental agreement, you can add a couple of extra fields on the “other details” section on the agreement form. Once everything is set, click on “Create My Agreement” to get a preview of the printable Arizona rental &lease agreement. You can download it to your computer for further customization.