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Arizona Roommate Agreement

An Arizona roommate agreement is a document between roommates sharing a rental unit that outline the terms and responsibilities of each roommate. The landlord or property manager does not hold any responsibility in a roommate agreement. Once a roommate agreement bears the signatures of all the parties involved, it’s then considered legally binding contract between them. However it’s important to note that the roommate who has signed the main rental agreement with the landlord is held responsible for the rental unit if it’s damaged.

Additionally it’s important to note that roommates who commits to a roommate agreement but not the main lease with the landlord have no claim to the dwelling unit should the lease be terminated.

Why you need Arizona roommate agreement form

You’ve probably heard people complain how stressful it can be to live another person under the same roof- whether it’s your best friend or a complete stranger. Problems will arise when sharing your rental space and it’s important to have addressed them in advance before they can escalate into major problems.

Some of the common problems that roommates encounter are related to rent & bill payment and at times other roommates not complying with the guidelines stated in the main lease with the landlord.

A roommate agreement can help prevent all that. You will be able to set the rules with our roommate agreement form and if they violate any of the stated terms, you’ll be in a position to resolve the problem and if possible in a law court.
Additionally, signing a roommate agreement will ensure that your new roommates understand that they’ve got responsibilities and they’ll put an effort not to breach the agreement.

How to write Arizona roommate agreement

A standard roommate agreement needs to cover some basic information such as the name of all the roommates and address of the property in question.

In term of the agreement section, you should specify the type of agreement agreed upon with the landlord. If it’s a lease agreement, state when the agreement will start and end and how the agreement shall be renewed if it’s a rental agreement.
To ensure that your roommates don’t breach the terms agreed upon with the landlord on the main lease form, it’s important to list down what’s allowed and not allowed. You can add this information in “premise guidelines” section.

Penalties for late rent payment and returned checks should be specified in “payment information” section. If your new roommate(s) have the potential to approve new roommates, you can indicate this as well.

The Arizona roommate agreement should state the living arrangements and how responsibilities and the chores are divided amongst the roommates.

Free Arizona roommate agreement

You can access, fill the roommate agreement form and preview the document for free. But you will need to pay a small fee to download the form to your computer. It’s important to note that you’ll not just be paying to download the form, but you’ll get unlimited access to the form depending on the time span requested. This means you can come back and create more roommate agreements.