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California Breach of Lease

A California breach of lease, also known as a cure or quit notice or notice of lease violation is a notice sent to the tenant by the landlord. The notice warns the tenant that they’ve broken their lease and that they need to correct the highlighted violation(s).

When to use a California Breach of Lease Notice

Our California cure or quit notice is a serious looking document captures required in a basic notice. Do not hesitate to notify your respective tenant whenever they violate their lease agreement because small problems can escalate into big ones if you don’t tend to them early enough.

Our breach of lease form may be used for minor and major problems that you need to be corrected. For example

  • If tenants are negligent with rent
  • If a tenant is keeping an unregistered vehicle on your lawn
  • Damaging property
  • If you want to enforce a No pet or no smoking clause
  • If a tenant is causing disturbance to other tenants

Whether your tenants have neglected property condition or have unauthorized resident or pet, you must notify them of this violation using a breach of lease notice. You can even enforce violation penalties as agreed in the lease agreements. Some property owners also charge violation fees, but that’s up to you.
If the tenant doesn’t comply with the terms of the breach of lease notice and you end up in Landlord-Tenant court, copies of violation notice to the tenants can be helpful in enforcing your case.

How to write a California Breach of Lease

As a landlord in California, you will need to serve your tenants with a breach of lease notice when they’ve breached the terms agreed upon in a lease agreement. While creating such a document can be a hassle, we’ve made it simpler for you. Our printable breach of lease notice form is 100% customizable.

The first section requires you to enter the landlord’s information and then tenant’s information as well. Information required for both parties include their full name, legal, physical address, city, state and zip code.

Next, you will need to write down the premises information, highlighting the premise type, address, city, state and zip code.

In the “breach notice details” state whether you’ll be attaching a copy of the original lease agreement and also include the date when the breach was committed and the number of days notices given to the tenant to remedy the situation. Also, explain the specific reasons the lease agreement was breached.

Lastly, you can put down the date when the document will be signed, add a proof of service and the number of witnesses to sign the breach of lease notice.

How to issue a California Breach of Lease Notice

Official breach of lease notices in California should be sent by regular mail and also certified mail to tenants to ensure that there is no excuse for it not arriving. The landlord should also keep a copy of the notice of lease violation and also record the article number on the tenant’s mailed copy.