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California Rental Agreement

If you need to download, print or create a California Rental Agreement then this is the place for you. We allow you to create your very own California Rental agreement covering everything a California landlord needs for renting out a property.

It doesn’t matter what city it is – if you’re looking for a Los Angeles Rental Agreement or a San Diego Rental Agreement all the way to Stockton Rental Agreements – we’ve got you covered with our all in one California Rental Agreement.

To access it, click here: California Rental Agreement.

When you’re on that page you’ll see it’s actually a big catch all form – it will ask you for the property state and then the finalized rental agreement will accommodate that request and make the rental agreement specific to California.

What Is In Our California Rental Agreement:

One thing to note is that our California Rental Agreement also doubles as a California Lease Agreement. As you’re filling the form in you’ll get to a section Term of the Agreement and in there you can choose whether you want it to be a rental agreement or a lease agreement.

The form then will dynamically change to adjust to what agreement terms you picked.

Also in the agreement you will – upon opening it for the first time – fill in details about the premises. Along with the address of the premises, you’ll also be able to choose the type of property. So whether you are looking for a house rental agreement or a condo rental agreement it will offer that up for you.

We also have a section for you to provide additional details about the premises if you wish. Some landlords like to state specifics such as amount of bedrooms or bathrooms. If there is any additional things you wish to include such as storage areas, that can be mentioned too.

Next you’ll lay out guidelines in regard to the premises. Want to provide details about parking? Great you can do that. Want to write out restrictions in regard to pets, or disallow pets altogether? Our form is set up to allow you to do that. Our California Rental Agreement is highly customizable to suit every California landlord and their needs.

There’s a big section on payment information which covers rent. For example when rent is paid, the amount of the rent payment, how they will make the payment etc. There’s also outlines for late fees etc when it comes to rent so you can provide details about any penalties. If the tenant is paying a security deposit we offer the option to fill in the details about that with ease.

The rest of the form is general items covering utilities etc.

California Rental Agreement File Formats:

Upon completion of your form, we offer the ability to download it in four separate formats. The first and most common is in RTF or DOC format which will work in any word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad. These allow you to make any edits you wish locally as opposed to online. We also offer it in PDF format and HTML format for maximum compatibility.

Test it out today – check out our California Rental Agreement generator.