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California Roommate Agreement

If you live in California and are looking to share a property with another person or multiple people, then we strongly recommend you get yourself set up with our California Roommate Agreement.

Regardless of whether you’re friends or not – being roommates usually always has its issues unfortunately. It happens. People slacking on bills, roommates leaving the property before the rental agreement is up – that sort of thing.

You can get ahead of all those issues by creating an agreement between yourself and all of your roommates. So if you want to jump right in, head on over to our roommate agreement, select California and get rolling.

Do I Need a Roommate Agreement in California?

A roommate agreement isn’t required by law in California. You can do everything word of mouth etc – but it’s still highly recommended you make one.

I mean you can just google “Roommate problems” or “Roommate issues” to see all the issues people have with their roommates. It can be crazy. I’m sure anyone who has roomed with someone in the past has horror stories. It can be as simple as one person not providing their portion of the internet bill in time to issues such as household chores and arguments over that.

Trust us – even if it’s your best friend, get yourself a California Roommate Agreement. Even just putting everything in a document like that makes it all the more official, and makes you both aware of your responsibilities beforehand.

What Goes In A Roommate Agreement?

Our California Rental Agreement form covers everything you could ever need. It’s been used by thousands of satisfied customers over the years and we update it whenever necessary.

The first thing you’ll do is list the address of the property in question, and then if there is a lease already state that. It’s common to attach the existing lease, if there is one, with the roommate agreement so everyone has copies.

Next you will put down the amount of roommates from 2-6 roommates, which is what our form covers. For each roommate you will list the percentage that they will pay in rent of the overall rent – as well as when the rent is due. It’s also important you note which roommates are actually named in the lease.

There are then some details you should put down in regard to the premises. For example whether or not pets are allowed on the premises or if the roommates are allowed to have pets, or if smoking is allowed. that sort of thing. You don’t want your new roommate coming out one day and returning with a dog if they’re prohibited by the landlord!

You should also outline all of the living arrangements such as chore schedules, how utilities work etc.

It might seem fairly complicated but our system makes it a breeze – you just fill in our form which asks you all the questions and then you’re good to go.

So get started today and give it a try – check out our California Roommate Agreement today.