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Chargeback Warning: Highland Meadows Apts (Memphis, TN)

On July 20th, 2018 a lease agreement was purchased from our website for $19.95.

The purchaser was listed as Eddie White with the e-mail address moonshine@dr.com.

The lease agreement was created, downloaded and we assume used. The lease agreement was for the following apartment building: 2174 Mckellar Woods , Memphis Tennessee, 381116.

The landlords details are as follows:

Highland Meadows Apts
5001 Airways Blvd
Memphis, Tennessee

We received a chargeback request for this purchase on August 14th stating they didn’t recognize the charge. We reached out to the customer to inform them what the charge was, and see if there was any issues with the document.

The purchaser did not once reply and we had no choice but to issue the chargeback and incur a fee due to that.

This is a warning about Highland Meadows Apts.