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Colorado Bill of Sale

A Colorado bill of sale is a legal document that’s provided by the seller to the buyer as proof of change of ownership and an evidence that payment has been provided. The item can be sold “as is” meaning that the seller does not give any warranty.

Even if your transaction does not require a bill of sale, it is a good idea to have a copy. The copy of the bill of sale will act as a proof of your sale or purchase, a resourceful record for tax and also protects you against legal issues in the event the buyer does not register the acquired item, for example, a Firearm, motorcycle or motor vehicle.

Types of Colorado Bill of Sale

  • General bill of sale- it offers a proof that a legitimate trade or sale has taken place and placed into writing. Our general bill of sale lets you state the type of item being sold and the additional details about the item. This bill of sale is used for items other than motorcycle, vehicle or firearms.
  • Colorado vehicle bill of sale- this is our most popular type of bill of sale. Upon choosing to create a motor vehicle bill of sale, it’ll expand to a section where you will fill in a few more details like make, model, VIN and the year. You will also need to indicate whether there are claims against the vehicle, odometer reading and whether there is an inspection report.
  • Motorcycle bill of sale- this form allows you to fill information same as vehicle bill of sale, but you will also have to highlight the engine size.
  • Firearm bill of sale- When trading a firearm, it’s very important to create a bill of sale. The bill of sale must include the gun manufacturer, model, and the gun serial/identification number.

While the first part of our Colorado bill of sale is unique for each item, the second part requires information that’s general for all forms.

You’ll also be required to add both the sellers and buyers information including full name, street address, city, state, and zip code. The purchase amount and the payment method should also be indicated in the Colorado bill of sale.

Our Colorado bill of sale template is customized to accommodate more details about the item on sale. Close to the last section of the bill of sale for, you’ll be asked if you’d wish to add more details to the form if you click on “yes” it’ll expand to a section where you can add anything related to an item on trade.

Additionally, you can also include the dates when the bill of sale form will be signed and the number of people to witness its signing. Once you’ve dully filled the bill of sale Colorado, just hit “Create My Agreement” button, and we will avail the document to you in different forms including RTF, PDF and HTML format. You will also have access to the bill of sale form for life meaning you can generate as many forms as possible.