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Colorado Notice to Enter

Colorado landlord inspection notice is a document issued by the landlord to the tenant showing the landlord’s intent to enter the tenant’s dwelling space. Some situations that require you to issue the tenant with a notice to enter letter are: when conducting house inspection, doing repairs or upgrades to the premise, pest control services or when doing appliance repair and replacement.

A Colorado notice of entry can also be issued when the tenant has given a move out notice, and the landlord wants to do a viewing of the rented property with a prospective tenant.

A basic Colorado notice enter

A landlord inspection notice is a short letter containing basic information to alert the tenant of the landlords intends to enter tenant’s space. A basic notice to enter includes the following information:

  • Landlords and tenants information
  • Premise information
  • Date and time to enter premises
  • Reason for entry

When can a landlord enter the tenant’s premises?

The landlord should only enter the tenant’s dwelling space at reasonable times upon issuing a notice to enter. Generally, the landlord should enter at working hours, cannot enter on a holiday or tenant’s day of worship and not for more than one day.

How to write a Colorado notice to enter

Writing a Colorado notice of entry has been made easy thanks to our easy to fill template.

First, you’ll need to enter the landlord’s contact information and then the tenant’s information. The information required for both parties include full name, legal address, city, state and zip code.

You’ll then need to give some information about the premises including premise type, street address, city, state and zip code. Then indicate the date when you’ll enter and give a description of why you are entering the tenant’s dwelling unit.

On the last section of our Colorado notice to enter template, you’ll need to indicate the date when this document will be signed, if a proof of service is available and the number of people to witness. You can also customize the template and add an extra field to include more details.

How to serve a Colorado notice to enter

The landlord or property manager must serve the 48-hour notice to enter on the tenant personally through certified mail or registered mail. However, if this method doesn’t work, the document can be given to another adult living in the unit of interest.

Alternatively, the landlord can post the notice to enter in plain sight, for example on the tenant’s main door. If the above methods don’t work, the notice can be sent electronically.

When issuing a notice of entry the landlord should keep a copy of the document for their records just in case they ever need to prove that a minimum notice before entry.

The landlord or the property manager can allow someone to enter the rented unit on his or her premise provided the individual is entering the premise solely for the purpose indicated on the notice. For example, if plumbing services are needed, the landlord can give a Colorado notice to enter to notify the tenant that a plumber and not the landlord will enter the unit on a specific date and time.