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Colorado Rental Agreement

A Colorado rental agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that outlines the terms of the agreement and what’s expected of both parties. Colorado state laws require a formal agreement if a tenant wishes to rent a unit for a period exceeding 12 months.

This agreement must set forth all the terms such as compliance with state laws, rules for maintenance, rental amount, pet policies, subleasing, security deposits and much more.

Who should write a Colorado rental agreement?

The property manager or the landlord must duly fill a rental agreement form by entering all the required information in the blank spaces and checking appropriate checkboxes. Once a rental or lease agreement is completed and signed by both parties the tenants must receive a copy of a rental agreement.

How to write a Colorado rental agreement

Creating a rental agreement using our rent agreement template is simple and easy. You will need to fill in the details in the fields given, and our system will handle everything else to provide you with a professional looking and legally binding rental contract document.

Some of the information you’ll need to write down when creating a Colorado rental agreement include property address and the names and addresses of both landlord and tenant. You’ll also need to state the premise guidelines- by indicating what’s allowed and not allowed on the premises.

A rental agreement should also include the term of the agreement. If it’s a lease agreement, indicate when the agreement starts and when it’ll end or how it shall be renewed if it’s a rental agreement. It’s important to add details regarding termination notice details in the agreement as well.

In “payment information” indicate all information regarding rent payment and how it shall be paid. Information regarding security deposits and penalties for late payment and returned checks should also be listed as well.

You should also write down tenant responsibilities, and amenities available for the tenants to use and once the Colorado rental agreement form is complete click on “Create My Agreement” button to get a preview of the document.

Security deposits

In Colorado, a landlord can charge however much they want as a security deposit. In other words, the state does not limit the amount a landlord can charge tenants as a security deposit.

If the Colorado rental agreement does not state when the security deposit shall be returned, it should be returned to the tenant within 30-days after the termination of a rental agreement. Additionally, any mention of a security deposit return in the rental agreement may not exceed 60 days.

However, if a tenant terminates a rental agreement because of a hazard condition, the security deposit must be refunded within 72 hours.

Disclosures in a Colorado rental agreement

Colorado state laws do not require landlords to provide their tenants with any specific disclosure. However, federal law requires any landlord in the United States to provide a lead paint disclosure to tenants if the property was built before the year 1978.