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Colorado Roommate Agreement

A Colorado roommate agreement is a document signed by two or more people moving into a shared rental space. A roommate agreement outlines the responsibilities and the rights of each roommate. While the main lease with the landlord covers the responsibilities and right of the tenant and the landlord, other roommates are not liable to the agreement itself apart from the tenant who entered into the contract with the landlord.

In a formal roommate agreement, you will be able to clarify what is expected of each roommate. Basic living situations, general rules, rent payment, property address and the name of the roommates are covered.

By writing a roommate agreement, you will less likely run into problems with your roommates in the future as almost everything should be addressed in the agreement the roommate’s sign. A roommate agreement will help make everything clear from the beginning.

When to write a Colorado roommate agreement

Create a roommate agreement when you want to share your living space with one or more people and want to outline the rights and responsibilities of each roommate. With our roommate agreement form, you will be able to include crucial information such as how to rent, utilities and security deposit will be paid and how each roommate will utilize common space in the rental unit.

All roommates should agree to the agreement and sign it. It’s important to go through the entire requirement with all the roommates to ensure everyone you’ll share the shared space with knows exactly what to expect.

Roommate agreement applicable law in Colorado

There are no specific laws in Colorado that outline what must be included in a roommate agreement. However, we recommend you outline as much information as possible to ensure that each roommate is on the same page.

How to write a Colorado roommate agreement

The first step in creating a roommate agreement in Colorado using our roommate agreement template is listing down premise information. You’ll be required to indicate the premise type and address. You can also notify your roommates if there’s an existing lease with the landlord.

In roommate information section, write down your roommate’s name and their legal, physical address. If the roommate is named in the main lease, indicate that. Also write down the amount each roommate agrees to contribute towards rent payment, utilities and security deposit.

Our roommate agreement form lets you list down premises guidelines as per the main lease agreement and term of the agreement details.

In living arrangements section, you add details about living arrangements, details about utilities and how the roommates will divide the household chores.

You can add custom fields to include as much information as possible. Additionally, you can indicate when the document will be signed and the number of witnesses to sign the document.

Free printable roommate agreement form

Unfortunately, our Colorado roommate agreement form is not available for free. We only charge a small fee to keep the agreement template generator up and running and to regularly update the form in response to the changes in state laws.