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Florida Bill of Sale

A Florida Bill of Sale is a legal document that shows the transfer of ownership of an item to from the seller to the buyer. Our Florida bill of sale mainly caters for a motor vehicle, motorcycle, firearm and any other item.

Types of Florida Bill of Sale

  • Motorcycle bill of sale
  • A vehicle bill of sale
  • Firearm bill of sale
  • General bill of sale

The State of Florida’s law requires a bill of sale if you’re buying or selling anything in the state. A Florida bill of sale not only records the transaction between the seller and the buyer but also includes very vital information such as sale date, price, and the buyer’s and seller’s contact information.

The State of Florida Law requires a bill of sale to have the following information:

  • Basic details of the item (Make, year, model, body type and color)
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Sellers and buyers information
  • Sale price and date

Our multipurpose Florida bill of sale allows you to capture the basic details of the item being sold. If you’re doing a Florida vehicle bill of sale or motorcycle bill of sale, our bill of sale form has fields were you can fill the basic information about the vehicle or motorcycle and a series of straightforward questions that will require a “yes” or “no” answers. For example, you’ll be asked if there are any claims against the vehicle/motorcycle on sale if you tick “yes” it’ll expand to a section where you can add details on that particular claim.

If you’re selling an item other than vehicle, motorcycle or firearm, our Florida bill of sale allows you to capture the item sale on the “General/Misc” section. Our general bill of sale form enables you to highlight the type of item being sold and also give additional details about the item.

The second section of the bill of sale form captures the same information regardless of the item being sold. This section mainly captures the seller’s information. If there is more than one seller, our bill of sale form allows you to add second seller information. You can also write down the buyer’s contact information. The sellers and buyers information required include:

  • Full name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State and Zip code

With our Florida bill of sale, you can indicate the purchase amount and the payment method used. You can also customize our bill sale form by adding more details that probably not captured on the form. You can also indicate the date when the bill of sale will be signed. If you want to add a proof of service of the bill of sale, click on “yes by delivery” or “yes, by mail” otherwise select “no.”

If there are witnesses to this particular sale, the last section of our Florida bill of sale allows you to include them as well. Once you’ve dully filled all the section of the printable bill of sale form, click on “Create My Agreement” to have it ready. We’ll provide you with a bill of sale in RTF format, PDF format, and HTML format.