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Florida Notice to Enter

You’ve probably heard the saying, “A man’s home is his castle.” Our homes are private spaces separate from the public; they’re places where any man can let their guard down. As a landlord, you have to respect your tenant’s privacy and will need a Florida notice to enter if you need to enter their dwelling spaces. In this article, you will see why that is and how you can make own of your own.

A notice to enter is a formal letter drafted by the landlord or property manager to the tenant requesting for permission to access the rented unit. Some of the reasons why a landlord would need to draft intent to enter notice include:

  • To perform inspection and needed repairs
  • to show the premise to prospective new tenants and purchasers
  • In case of emergency
  • Court order pursuant

How to write Florida intent to enter notice

Section 83 Florida statutes require the landlord to issues at least 12-hours’ notice if he or she intends to enter a rental unit. The landlord should only access the rental unit at a “reasonable time” which the statute defines as between 7:30 am and 8:00 pm. A general notice to enter should include the following basic information:

  • Landlord’s contact information
  • Tenant’s information
  • Property description and reason to enter
  • Landlord signature

Our printable Florida notice to enter template is a simple one and yet ensures all the mandatory information required in a notice to enter is captured.

First, you’ll need to enter landlord’s contact information including full name, address, city, state and zip code. You’ll also need to write down the tenant’s contact information. Our notice to enter template covers for up to two landlords and four tenants.

Then you will have to write down premise information indicating the premise type, street address, city, state and zip code. Also, write down the terms of then notice highlighting the date to enter the rental unit and give an explanation of why you are entering the rented unit.

In “other details” section, state when the document will be signed, you can also add a proof of service and the number of witnesses to sign the document. Once the form is completed click create my agreement button to get a preview of the Florida notice to enter. You will be able to download the notice to enter on your computer in different file formats.

Right of entry in Florida without a notice

In some cases, it’s not practical for a landlord or property manager to issue a Florida notice of entry before accessing a rental unit. In some situations, the law allows the landlord to enter the tenant’s dwelling space without giving notice. Below are some cases when the landlord can enter a property in Florida without issuing a notice:

  • During an emergency such as flood or fire
  • When the tenant without a solid reason withheld consent
  • If the landlord believes that the rental unit has been abandoned. however, the tenant must have abandoned the unit for a period equal to one half of the rental payment timeframe