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Florida Rental Agreement

A Florida Rental Agreement is a legally binding contract by a property management company or a landlord and the tenant. The two parties sign the rental agreement form and agree for the tenant to use the property, either for commercial or residential purposes for a given period.

Florida lease agreement must comply with the Florida Statutes Chapter 83 Landlord and Tenant for the rental lease agreement to be legally binding.

Common Rental Agreements in Florida

The most common types of rental agreements used in Florida are for condominiums, apartments, basements, mobile homes, and roommate agreements. In the past few years, the state of Florida has witnessed the rise of part-time residents and so it’s important for the landlord to inquire whether their tenants are part-time residents or full-time to agree on the way forward.

As a property owner or property management company, you may need to make your tenants aware if subleasing is not allowed. Our rental agreement form will enable you to add an extra section where you can add information not captured on the rental agreement form generator.

Rental Agreement Florida Disclosures

Our rental agreement form has a section where you can add landlord’s information such as name, city, address, and state. If more than one property owner exists, you can quickly add the second person’s details simply by selecting “Two Landlords” option.

Indicating the landlord’s information is very crucial. Under Florida’s state law, the property owner must provide the tenant at least twelve hours’ notice before accessing the rented property and the landlord’s name and address must be captured in the Florida rental agreement. The rental agreement template also gives a section where the landlord can enter the number of days’ notice when they can access the rented premises for non-emergency issues.

Payment and Security Deposits

To make sure that you comply with Florida’s Security Deposit Laws, we’ve added a section on Payment Information section where you can indicate if the tenant is required to pay a deposit. If you select “yes,” it’ll expand, and now you can enter the amount the tenant is required to pay a security deposit. Florida security law deposit does not limit the amount that you can charge as a security deposit, but local laws can set the limit on the amount a landlord can ask.

On the “Payment Information” section you can also set how the tenant should pay the rent. With our Florida lease agreement form generator you can adjust how the rent will be paid, whether it’s on a monthly basis, quarterly or yearly basis, we’ve got you covered. You can also choose the mode of payment that you feel most comfortable with from the cash, check, and electronic deposit or money order options.

Other sections of our Florida rental agreement generator are pretty straightforward with “yes” or “no” options. What’s more interesting you can add extra details that you probably want to make the tenant aware of. Once the rental agreement is dully filled, we’ll avail a downloadable document in different formats (PDF, RTF and HTML) for further customization on your computer.