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Florida Roommate Agreement

A Florida Roommate Agreement is a document signed between co-tenants/ roommates who have agreed to share the expenses of one place of residence. The cost of rent and other expenses isn’t declining any sooner especially in big cities in Florida. It’s true you can agree with me having a roomie has advanced from just a pleasantry to a necessity. While having a roommate can be enjoyable and best of all cost-effective, there is no such thing as a perfect roommate.

The law doesn’t require a Florida roommate agreement you can do everything through word of mouth, but we recommend making one to make it formal.

How to Write a Florida Roommate Agreement

If you share a residence with another person, putting in writing the duties and responsibilities each roommate has towards the rented premises can be considered a wise precaution for all the parties involved as it avoids any future disagreements.

It is important to note that a roommate agreement does not apply to the landlord but a lease agreement does. However, this document will hold the co-tenants signing it responsible to one another under its terms.

Florida Roommate Agreement Form Section

Our Florida roommate agreement form can be used by any roommates or co-tenants residing in any residence from condominium, apartment, mobile home, room, house to the basement. Hundreds and thousands of satisfied clients have used the template over the years. Additionally, it’s regularly updated to comply with the current Florida state laws.

The first thing you’ll need to put down in our printable roommate rental agreement is to list the street address of the premises in question and also give a brief description of the premise if need be. It’s also wise to attach a copy of the lease agreement document if there is an existing lease with the property owner.

The next step would be to write down some basic personal information of the roommates. Our free printable roommate rental agreement form covers for two up to six roommates. You can also put down the amount each roommate is expected to pay, security deposit amount and indicate whether the roommate is named in the lease.

You should also be able to indicate the duration when the agreement is effective and how it should be renewed in “term of the agreement” section. In this section, you should also state the number of days’ notice the roommate(s) should give if they need to terminate the agreement.

Then there’s a section where you’ll need to write down regarding premises guidelines. Using our Florida roommate rental agreement form, you’ll be able to make it known to your roommates what’s allowed and what’s not allowed in the property.

You should also make sure that all information regarding payment, penalties for both returned checks and late payment. Also outline all the living arrangements, roommate responsibilities such as schedules, chores and how utilities in the premise work.

In “other details” section indicate when the document will be signed and the number of witnesses present. That’s it; our Florida roommate agreement is simple and takes just minutes to complete.