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Forms Cost Amount & Payment Methods

We get one e-mail per week enquiring as to the prices of our landlord forms, so I wanted to write up a blog post explaining how to find the prices of all of our forms and how it is set up.

First of all, the prices of all of our forms vary based on the form and how long you purchase access to it for. Our rental agreement form for example is $19.95 for one week access, and our eviction notice template is $11 for one week access.

If you purchase our forms for longer however, the price will go up(but not proportionally – this allows you to get a better deal). For example – the rental agreement is $19.95 for one week access. You can purchase one month access, four times the length but the cost is only $39.90. The eviction notice form is the same – while you get four times the length of access, it only costs you double the initial amount, which is $22.

Our forms also change based on whether you are a new customer or a previous customer. One of the key mission statements here at DIY Landlord Forms is rewarding customer loyalty. Therefore if you are a previous customer within a set timeframe, you’ll be able to purchase the form for a cheaper price. The price of the form depends on when your account was opened, your last purchase and the purchase amount.

Based on that we don’t want to confuse people by providing a price list when it may not be accurate. However the last thing we want to do is force you to fill in the form THEN see the price – that just wouldn’t make sense obviously.

So if you want to see the price of a form then just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register an account and log in. Not necessary, but recommended in case of any existing account member specials.
  2. Choose a form – for example, the residential agreement.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom without entering any data, and click “Create my Agreement”.
  4. Click “Form Complete? Download Now”.
  5. The prices will then be displayed.

That’s all you need to do. The prices of the forms do NOT change based on any data you enter. So if you choose California for the rental agreement or Alabama it doesn’t matter – that will NOT affect the prices at all.

How To Pay For The Forms:

We also get quite a few questions in regard to payment. We currently offer both Mastercard and Visa in terms of credit cards via our internal system, and also Paypal.

One thing you may not be aware if is you can also pay with American Express and Discover Card. It’s very simple.

On the purchase page you choose Paypal to pay for it. Even if you have a paypal account, always choose “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later”.

When you do this you get the option to pay via American Express or Discover Card. You can then purchase your landlord forms via American Express and Discover Card. We may add these to our internal system eventually too but Paypal works perfectly even if you don’t have an account.

We currently don’t offer payment via any other services however we are always looking to accomodate people. You can contact us at any time if there is another payment method you would like us to accept. We may be able to accept on a case by case basis however it depends on the situation and the purchase amount etc.