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Georgia Bill of Sale

A Georgia bill of sale is a legal document that acts as evidence that a sale of personal property has occurred. A bill of sale Georgia is used to provide proof of change of ownership. Some bill of sale requires notarization, and in this case, all the parties involved are expected to be present before a notary before the provision of signatures.

Types of Georgia Bill of Sale

Our bill of sale form caters for four different types of bill of sales. They include:

  • Firearm bill of sale- it’s used to show proof of change of ownership, purchase or trade of a firearm. When writing a Georgia bill of sale for firearms, it should include information such as the manufacturer, model, and the firearm identification/serial number.
  • Motorcycle bill of sale- it’s used to show the change or ownership of a motorcycle. The law requires the new owner to obtain a title. Additionally, the bill of sale should include details such as manufacturer, model, VIN, Year and engine size. You will be required to indicate whether there are any claims against the motorcycle if an inspection report is enclosed and the current odometer reading in either miles or kilometers.
  • General/Misc bill of sale- it’s used by two parties (seller and buyer) to show that an item has been sold. Our general bill of sale form allows you to indicate the type of item being sold and write additional details about the item.
  • A vehicle bill of sale- shows the change of ownership of a motor vehicle. In this case, the new owner is required by the law to obtain the title. This printable bill of sale must include the make of the motor vehicle, model, VIN, and year. Additionally, you must disclose whether there are claims against the vehicles, odometer reading and if an inspection report is available.

How to write a bill of sale Georgia

Creating a Georgia bill of sale on our website is pretty simple and straightforward. The first section of the bill of sale form requires you to indicate the type of bill of sale you need depending on the type of item being sold.

The second section of the Georgia bill of sale form requires you to enter the sellers and buyers contact information. If there are more than one buyer and seller, you can indicate that on the bill of sale template, and it will expand allowing you to capture other seller/buyer info.

You will also be required to enter the “purchase amount” in dollars and the payment method. On the last section of the Georgia bill of sale, you will be asked if you’d like to add more details to the bill of sale if you click on “Yes” it’ll expand allowing you to add anything else to the bill of sale.

Additionally, you can also indicate when the bill of sale will be signed, a proof of service and whether witnesses to the signing of the bill of sale will be available. Once everything is in order, hit “Create My Agreement.” You can download it and customize it on your computer.