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Georgia Notice to Enter

A Georgia notice to enter is a letter a landlord issues to the tenant of a rental unit to inform the tenant of the landlord intends to enter the rented unit at a given date and time. As a landlord, you can issue the notice to enter letter except in an emergency which does not require any notification. Some cases when you can issue a Georgia notice of entry include:

  • Pest control services
  • House inspection
  • repairs, upgrades or replacements to the appliances on the property

You can issue a notice to enter if the tenant is moving out and want to show the property to prospective tenants. When using a notice to enter, it’s important to keep a copy of the documents for the records in case you’re required by the law to prove that you gave minimum notice before entry.

How to write Georgia notice to enter

Our system has made it simple to craft a Georgia notice to enter document. The notice to enter template is a simple form as a landlord you can fill in less than five minutes and have the document ready to mail to the respective tenant.
The information needed includes landlord and tenant’s contact information which includes full name, legal address, city, state and zip code. Luckily our 24-hour notice to enter form covers for up to two landlords and four tenants.

Secondly, you will need to give some information regarding the property. Then you’ll be required to write down the terms of the Georgia notice to enter. They include the date to enter the premise and a brief explanation of why you’ll access the property.

You can also indicate when the document will be signed, add a proof of service and indicate the number of witnesses to sign the document. You can also customize the document by add extra fields to include extra detail you feel worth adding.

Georgia Rules on Landlord Entry

A residential lease agreement provides the tenant with absolute use of the rental unit. The right to peaceful enjoyment and privacy is implicit in the transfer of occupancy from the property manager to the tenant.

While there is no statute that grants the landlord permission to enter a rented unit in Georgia, the landlord can enter the premise under certain circumstances as explained below:

Emergency: The landlord can enter a rental unit without the consent of the tenant if the reason constitutes an emergency. This includes responding to a dangerous situation or acting to prevent damage on the rented premise.

Non-emergency: if the landlord wishes to enter the premise for reasons not considered emergency, a Georgia notice to enter must be given to the tenant prior to the entry. However Georgia statutes don’t specify the timeframe for the notice but at least one day is considered reasonable.

Permission to enter: Although landlords in Georgia don’t have a general right of entry, there are some occasions in which the landlord can seek permission to enter, for example, if the landlord wishes to show the rental unit to prospective tenant. In this case, the landlord is allowed to enter the unit but upon providing a notice to the tenant.