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Georgia Rental Agreement

A Georgia rental agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord and tenant that allows the tenant to occupy the rented unit (for residential or commercial purposes) in exchange for a monthly payment.

Disclosures in a Georgia rental agreement

Some disclosures must be made in a Georgia lease agreement. If the building was built before 1978, the landlord must provide a lead paint disclosure as required by federal law. Other disclosures include flood disclosure, the identification of the property manager or the person to enter the property on behalf of the landlord.

How to write a Georgia rental agreement

Creating a Georgia lease agreement using our rental agreement template is easy. It will also save you from committing to a one-sided rental agreement which could a cause of future litigation.

The rental agreement form covers for different premises including apartment, basement, house, room, condominium, mobile home and room in all counties in Georgia. Some of the basic information required in any rental agreement includes:

  • Name and address of landlord and tenant
  • Premise type and address
  • Disclosures’
  • Rent payment
  • Property guidelines

We’ve added “premise guidelines” section where you can add information on what allowed and not allowed in the rented property. This will help your new tenant and also reduce the possibilities of lease violation. While Georgia laws allow a landlord to access tenant’s premises without notice in case of emergency- a notice of entry should always be issued to the tenant for a non-emergency. Additionally, our rental agreement template covers for up to two landlords and four tenants.

It’s also essential to add Information regarding the term of the lease should be listed. Indicate when the agreement will commence and how it shall be renewed and some details related to the termination of the lease.

In the “payment information” section, state how the rent will be paid, the amount and the payment method. If your tenant has some responsibilities towards the property, also indicate that in the rental agreement form.

Free Printable Georgia rental agreement

You can access our attorney drafted Georgia rental agreement form for free. You will also be able to preview the how the final document looks like for free as well. However, you will need to pay a small fee to download the document on your computer for printing purposes. The final document is a professional document similar to what you’d get from a lawyer for hundreds of dollars.

The importance of a rental agreement in Georgia

While committing a rental agreement in Georgia might not be a legal requirement, it helps mitigate troubles that might arise between a landlord and a tenant. Secondly, offering your tenants a rental agreement shows that you care and that you’re taking your role as a landlord or property manager seriously.

A Georgia rental agreement also gives you the chance to set some clear boundaries from the word go, and the chances of a dispute or disagreement down the line are also significantly reduced.