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Georgia Roommate Agreement

A Georgia roommate agreement is a contract signed between individuals sharing a residence for a significant period. This agreement can help alleviate the costs especially for students given the ever-rising costs of living in Georgia. Naturally, it’s wise to have a contract written down on paper as it will aid the involved parties in avoiding misunderstandings.

Highlighting a few things regarding Georgia roommate agreement is important. First, a roommate agreement only applies between roommates and the landlord is solely responsible for honoring to the master tenant who signed a lease agreement. Secondly once a roommate agreement is signed it’s considered a contract between the roommates. Therefore, if one of the tenants violates the terms of the agreement, they will be held responsible, and the other party may seek justice through the courts.

The Importance of a Roommate Agreement in Georgia

While a roommate agreement isn’t required by the law in Georgia and can opt for a word of mouth agreement- we highly recommend you make one. Since disputes will often arise because of mismatched expectations and poor expectations, a roommate agreement will aid prevent these and many conflicts by outlining ground rules, guidelines at the beginning of the living arrangement.

Since it’s easy to forget what you initially agreed upon verbally, putting the agreement in writing will help avoid misunderstanding. The parties involved must be willing to commit to the agreement.

How to write Georgia roommate agreement

Our printable roommate agreement form will enable roommates to document and verify such details as:

  • Premise information
  • Roommate information
  • Rent
  • Household chores
  • Security deposit and chores

The first thing you will need to write down in the form is the information about the property in question. Our roommate agreement form covers for everything (house, basement, apartment, condominium, room to mobile home.) You can also give a brief description of the property in this section.

Next, you will need to write down the roommate’s basic personal information, indicate whether they’re included in the lease and the amount of rent and security deposit each contributes. You will also lease the rent due in each payment period for the respective co-tenants.

In term of the agreement section, you should select the type of agreement and state the duration when the lease starts and when it ends. If it’s a rental agreement, indicate when it commences and the number of days’ notice allowed to terminate the agreement.

You’ll also need to list down the premises guidelines by answering simple questions that require “yes” or “not.” For example, you should state whether or not smoking is allowed on the property or if your roommates are allowed to have a pet. This will help prevent the roommates from violating premise guidelines as per the master lease agreement.

Additionally, you should also highlight all the living arrangements and state whether the house chores will be divided among the roommates.

Once the roommate agreement is completed, indicating the date it’ll be signed and the number of people to witness the signing just hit the “Create My Agreement” button to get a preview of the document and download it on your computer.