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Houston Rent To Own Agreements

If you’re looking for a rent to own agreement for Houston, Texas then you’ve came to the right place.

DIY Landlord Forms offers up custom Houston Rent To Own Agreements, as well as Rent to Own Agreements for every city in Texas.

When you first enter our rent to own form creator it will ask you to pick a state. This is the state that the property is in.

That’s all that’s required to set it up for Texas – and then for the city you enter Houston and you’re good to go.

Filling In the Houston Rent To Own Agreement:

One thing we have did with DIY Landlord Forms is make it incredibly easy to fill in the Houston Rent to Own Agreement.

You don’t have to mess around with Microsoft Word, editing documents repeatedly and playing around with margins or anything like that.

Basically it’s like filling out a questionnaire. We have a list of questions for you to help customize the rent to own agreement to your exact specifications basically.

So for example it starts off by asking about the premises – the location of the property which the Houston rent to own contract is for. When you put in the city of Houston it will customize the rent to own agreement for that.

Our Rent to Own Agreement then will ask for both the landlord information as well as the tenant information. It’s set up for multiple landlords and multiple tenants as well.

Next it will ask for questions related to the property in Houston. Just general rules and guidelines in regard to the property really – such as whether or not pets are allowed to be kept on the premises, if smoking is allowed, that sort of thing. We also have an option to add in anything you wish – in case there are things you want to say about the property which aren’t specifically covered within our questionnaire.

The next section of the rent to own contract goes into detail about the specific terms of the agreement as well as the payment and purchase information. If the tenant has Independent Legal advice, if this is part of an existing lease agreement, the purchase cost of the premises, the rent amount – that sort of thing.

It’s all laid out to make it as simple as possible for you.

Downloading Your Houston Rent To Own Contract:

After filling everything in the rent to own agreement will be available in 4 separate formats for you. The first format is PDF which you can open with Adobe Acrobat. The next format is HTML which can be opened by any web browser – such as Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Then we have the formats RTF and DOC. These can be opened in any Word Processing software such as Microsoft Word etc. DOC files are specific to MS Word while RTF files will be opened in anything basically.

We offer the most maximum compatibility you can get and our forms are also able to be filled out on mobile devices.

So get started on your Houston Rent To Own Agreement today.