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How Much Notice Do I Need To Give To Show A Property

As landlords, it not only important to follow statutory laws when dealing with tenants, but it is also thoughtful to develop a thriving relation. For instance, when current tenants are not going to renew their stay, it may be necessary to show the apartment to other interested tenants. Most landlords always ask one main question in relation to this; how much notice do I need to give to show apartment? The statutory laws require a notice at least 24 hours before visiting the apartment which provides sufficient time for the tenant to prepare and put everything in a manner that allows convenient viewing.

However, there are other aspects of the relationship that are important to consider. Generally, landlords require tenants to notify them of their decision not to renew their stay at least four weeks before depleting their rent. It only makes sense to offer sufficient notification before visiting the apartment for anything else.

Notice requirements

As aforesaid, landlords need to inform their tenants before showing up for inspection or guiding prospect tenants. Different states have different requirements for this notice. However, the structure is very basic. There are four main types of trips landlords can make which warrant a notice. These include the following;
1. Non-emergency situations
2. Emergency situation visits
3. Visits for inspecting the premises
4. Repairs, improvements and alterations visits

These trips are popular in lease apartments that still have tenants occupying the house. As a landlord, you should make sure the tenant knows exactly when you will show up. Some of the things to include in the notice include day and time when you will visit the apartment and reasons why you are visiting the apartment (in this case showing). The notification should be written in an official easy to understand language with a friendly tone that does not put your tenants under any pressure. It should be more of a request even though the tenants know they must agree to such requests.

Other considerations

Landlords have the freedom to give basic notices to their tenants before showing the apartment to new prospects. Nonetheless, there are various considerations that are good for business and tenant landlord relationship. Here are a few considerations worth noting:

• Always give as much notice as possible to the tenants before showing their rental unit. As said above, statutory laws demand not less than 24 hours while others may take up to 2 days.
• Try to limit the number of times you visit the apartment in any given week. Depending on your advertising, you may get many potential buyers and prospect tenants compelling you to show the house several times. This may not be quite fair to the tenants.

• Ensure the tenants agree to visiting times especially if you are planning to show the house during evenings or on weekends.

• Assess the level of imposition showing the apartment has on your tenants and consider slightly reducing the rent to appease them. You may also consider special gift certificates for restaurant outings.

• Avoid putting signs on the rental property to advertise that it is currently on sale. If you must, make sure to include a banner that prevents people from disturbing occupants.

Essentially, showing a house should be within reasonable hours and not early morning or late evenings when the tenants are having family time. It should always be a written notice although added notification via text and mail may be necessary to ensure the message is received. However, the official notice should be written and delivered to the tenants in time (24 hours before the showing).

As a beginning landlord, dealing with tenants can be tricky especially since you want to respect your tenants’ privacy and requirements. It is advisable to spend sufficient time researching statutory laws and provisions before you carry out any activity. What’s more, you should establish a good relationship with tenants built on respect and understanding. This will give you ease when contacting and notifying the tenants.


So how much notice do landlords need to show apartment? 24 hours, but this depends on which state you live in. some need up to 2 days so 24 hours should be the minimum notice. Tenants must consent to the hours and time of visit. You should also fully inform them of the specific units you are going to show.