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Kansas Breach of Lease

A Kansas breach of lease notice is a letter addressed to the tenant from the landlord. It is a form of notification from the property manager or the landlord to the tenant of a rental unit informing them that they’ve breached the original lease agreement they signed when renting your premise. A notice of lease violation can follow a specific format, or it can be a letter, all in all, it should be formal just in case the landlord wishes to take legal actions to action the tenant.

Why do you need a Kansas Breach of Lease Notice?

As a landlord or property manager, you’ll need a violation of lease notice to notify your tenant that they’ve broken the terms of the original lease agreement. As a landlord, you cannot issue an eviction letter if the tenant breaches their lease agreement for the first time.

Kansas state laws require that a breach of lease notice be issued and the tenant given days’ notice for him/her to remedy. If the tenant does not remedy within the stated days in the breach of lease, you can go ahead and issue them with an eviction notice.

When a breach of lease is justified in Kansas

Some exceptions blanket the rule that a tenant in Kansas who breaks a lease is expected to pay rent for the entire lease term. The tenant can legally move out of the leased premise before the lease term ends under the following circumstances:

  • If the tenant is starting active military duty. If the tenant enters active military service after signing a lease agreement, they can terminate the lease agreement. However, a proper notice should be given by the tenant before terminating the tenancy.
  • A tenant can terminate the tenancy if the rental unit is unsafe or if the rental unit violates Kansas safety or health codes.
  • If you violate the tenant’s privacy rights, the tenant has the right to terminate the lease agreement. Kansas state laws require the landlord to give reasonable notice before entering a tenant’s dwelling unit.

How to write a Kansas breach of lease

A standard breach of lease notice should have the following information:

  • Landlord and tenant’s information
  • Premise information
  • The part of the lease agreement breached
  • Days’ notice given to the tenant before the landlord takes further legal action

While writing a Kansas breach of lease notice might be an overwhelming task, our system makes the whole process simple.

The first section of our printable Kansa breach of lease template requires you write landlord’s contact information including full name, legal, physical address, city, state and zip code. You’ll also need to input similar information in the tenant information section.

After you’ve added the premises information, you’ll be required to write down when the lease was breached in breach notice details section. You can also indicate whether you will be attaching a copy of the lease agreement and the number of days the tenant is given to remedy the breach.

In “other details section” of the Kansas breach of lease notice write down the date when the document will be signed and the number of witnesses to sign the document.