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Kansas Commercial Lease Agreement

A Kansas commercial lease agreement is a legally binding contract between property owners who wish to lease their property to a financially secure retail, office or industrial business owner. This contract will hold the commercial property owner (landlord) and lessee responsible to the commercial rental agreement they have decided to enter.

Generally, a commercial lease agreement covers the tenant and landlord information includes the duration of the lease term and any other information that constitutes a commercial lease agreement.

When to use a commercial lease agreement:

  • If you own a retail, restaurant space or an office building and wish to rent to space to other individuals or businesses
  • If you own any other non-residential space that can be used for commercial activities like medical clinics, hotels and self-storage facilities.
  • If you own an industrial, warehouse or any other commercial space, you would like to rent/lease to another business.

While filling out a Kansas commercial lease/rental agreement form keep in mind that each detail entered should be accurate of the agreement the landlord and tenant. There are sections when combined will dictate each party’s obligations, define the lease period, the money involved, the premises information and payment information.

How to write a Kansas Commercial Lease Agreement

Our commercial lease agreement form comprises of several sections which must be duly filled for the contract to be legally binding. The very first section of our printable commercial lease agreement form requires you to enter landlord’s information (full name, legal, physical address, city, state, and zip).

After filling out the landlord’s information, the next step is to capture tenant’s information on the Kansas commercial lease agreement just like you did in the first section of the form. With our lease agreement form, you can write up to four tenants information.

The next step when filling out a commercial rental agreement would be indicating the premises information. This includes capturing important details such as address, city, state, and zip. You will also be required to specify the premises type if it’s an office space, retail store or a restaurant) and also indicate the premises square footage. Additionally, as a landlord, you will be required to provide details about the business operations expected on the premises and include what day-to-day business operations that may entail for example “retail sales of electronics. If you’d like to provide additional details about the premises, click “yes” and it’ll expand allowing you to include more details.

You can indicate what allowed and what’s not allowed through a series of simple “yes” or “no” questions under the premises guidelines. Are pets allowed on the premises? If “yes” it’ll expand allowing you to provide any guidelines for pets.

Under the term of the agreement, you will be required to choose the type of agreement whether is a commercial rental agreement or a lease agreement. Additionally, you will be able to indicate when the agreement will start and when it will end as for a lease agreement or when the agreement shall be renewed as for lease agreement.

Under the “payment information” section, you can indicate how rent will be paid, the amount and the mode of payment. The landlord-tenant law requires the landlord to state the number of days before raising the rent. With our Kansas commercial lease agreement form, you can indicate the number of days’ notice you will give the tenants before increasing the rent.