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Kansas Eviction Notice

A Kansas eviction notice is a document used if a landlord in Kansas has a tenant violating the terms outlined in a lease agreement. As a landlord, you can also issue a notice to vacate premises if you want to end a month-to-month contract or when the lease expires. Like many states in the United States, a notice to quit is the first step in the eviction process.

How to write a Kansas eviction notice

As stated above, an eviction notice letter is the first step in initiating an eviction process. You should present your tenants with an eviction notice as a formal way rather than DIY eviction.

Our Kansas eviction notice form is simple and easy to fill. It might take you less than 10 minutes to fill out the form and have it ready for download and printing. The Kansas notice to quit form consists of several sections, and the landlord/ property manager should fill it.

In the first section of our Kansa eviction notice, you’ll need to write down landlord’s information. You’ll also need to put down the tenant’s information as well. Information required for both landlord and tenant include name, and legal, physical address. Our eviction notice form can capture information for up to two landlords and four tenants.

Then you’ll also need to write down some information that will help point out the exact location of the property in question in “premises information” section. Information required in this part includes premise type, address, city, state and zip code.

Additionally, in “terms of the notice” state when the lease was breached and explain this violation. You should also be able to pick what action you’d like to take against the tenant. You can either issue the tenant a warning; provide a deadline to remedy the violation, charge a violation fee or any other actions.

The last section of the Kansas eviction notice requires you to state when the document will be signed and if proof of service is available. You should also be able to add the number of witnesses to sign the document.

If you’d like to add extra details, you can easily include custom fields on the very last section of our Kansas notice to quit form.

Free Kansas notice to quit

Our Kansas eviction notice is not available for free, but you can get it for a small fee. You will get lifetime access to all DIY landlord forms by purchasing the platinum license which is quite cheap.

Types of Kansas eviction notice

While notice to quit letter will remain the same for all states, Kansas state laws require certain conditions be met for an eviction to be considered legal. In respect to these laws, we can classify eviction notices in Kansas into five distinct categories.

1. 3-Day Notice to Quit– For a tenancy that’s less than three months, you’re required to give a 3-day eviction notice.

2. 10-Day Notice to Quit– If the tenant signed a lease agreement for three months or longer and breaches the lease agreement; a 10-day eviction notice should be issued.

3. 14/30 eviction notice for noncompliance- If a tenant is non-compliant in respect with the lease/rental agreement (other than rent payment issues) the landlord should serve the tenant with a 14/30 Day Kansas notice to quit. The tenant will have 14 days to remedy the violation. If the tenant does not rectify he/she should vacate the premises within 30- days