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Kansas Rental Agreement

A Kansas rental agreement is a legal contract between a landlord/property manager and a tenant wanting to use the premise. This document outlines the obligations of a landlord and a tenant towards the property. The state of Kansas has set forth laws that govern landlords and tenants in rental units.

How to write a Kansas rental agreement

If you plan to write a Kansas rental agreement, it’s important to ensure that it complies with the Kansas landlord & tenant law. Basic information that should be in a Kansas rental agreement includes:

  • Landlord and tenant name and addresses
  • The term of the agreement and how it shall be renewed
  • Property guidelines
  • Address of the premise being rented
  • Information about all payments (rent, security deposits, penalties etc.)
  • Signature of the parties involved

Writing a Kansas rental agreement is simple using our attorney drafted rental agreement template. In the first few sections, you should write down premise information, property guidelines and name and addresses of both landlord and tenant(s).

Rent, security deposit and notice of entry in Kansas

Our printable rental agreement form lets you capture information regarding rent payment.

In Kansas, rent payment is due at the start of any term unless the parties involved have agreed otherwise. You should write the amount the tenant is required to pay as rent and the payment method. If you impose fines on late rent payment and returned check, you can also indicate this on the rental agreement form.

The state of Kansas limits the amount that a landlord can request from the tenant as a security deposit. The amount should not exceed one month’s rent if the rental unit is unfurnished and should not exceed one and half month rent for the furnished rental unit. The security deposit must be refunded back within 30 days after the termination of the tenancy. Failure to follow to the rules of the security deposit return can result in a lawsuit.

As a landlord, you’re required by the law to give notice before entering your tenant’s rented unit for non-emergency purposes. You can capture this information in our rental agreement template on “premise guidelines” section.

The benefits of a signing a rental agreement

A rental agreement is considered to be certainty and clarity. It helps set the obligations of the parties involved (landlord and tenant) and help prevent disputes. Since the agreement spells out the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord, in case there is a disagreement the document is recalled to represent what was agreed upon by the signing parties.

Free printable Kansas rental agreement template

Our Kansas rental agreement form can be accessed and completed for free. Once you’ve filled all the information required, click “Create My Agreement” button to get a preview of the document free. However, you will only be required to pay a small fee to download the final document on your computer for printing purposes. Remember, the tenant must agree to the terms of the rental agreement and sign it for it to be considered legally binding.