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Missouri Bill of Sale

A Missouri bill of sale is a document accepted by the law that acts as a proof of change of ownership of an item or evidence of trade of an item between two parties (buyer and seller). The most common types of bill of sale Missouri are vehicle bill of sale, motorcycle bill of sale, bill of sale for a firearm and general bill of sale.

How to Create a Missouri Bill of Sale

As required by the law, a Missouri bill of sale must include the following information:

  • The sellers and buyers name, physical address and signatures
  • The purchase price and the information on the item you have traded for
  • When trading a motor vehicle, motorcycle or a boat, information such as model, year and the vehicle identification number (VIN) must be included as well.

We have made the process of creating a bill of sale in Missouri easy for anyone to use. There are no complex legal terms, and the whole process of creating the bill of sale should take only a few minutes.

We are going to guide you step by step about the information and what’s required to have a dully filled bill of sale form that complies with the Missouri state laws.

Every Missouri bill of sale should detail the type of item being sold and some extra details about the item. You can capture such information in the first section of our bill of sale template. For example, if you’re creating a Missouri vehicle bill of sale, you will have to indicate the make, model, VIN and year. You will also be required to indicate whether there are any claims against the vehicle or whether an inspection report is available through a series questions with yes or no answers.

Additionally, every bill of sale should also include the buyer and sellers, legal name and legal, physical address. Our printable bill of sale allows you to capture both sellers and buyers information and addresses. If there more than one buyer/seller we’ve got you covered as well.

Every bill of sale Missouri should also include the creation date. If the buyer decides to pay for the item on a different day from when the form was created, this should also be noted on the bill of sale payment section. You can easily include this detail by answering “yes” on the question “anything else …..to add to this bills of sale?”

For a Missouri bill of sale to be legally binding, the two parties involved must both sign the document. With our bill of sale form, you can indicate when the document would be signed as well. It’s important to note that some bill of sales will require a notary public. Both the seller and buyer should keep a copy of the completed bill of sale form for their records.

Once you’ve dully filled the bill of sale form, just hit “Create My Agreement” to get a preview of the document and download it on your computer in PDF, RTF and HTML formats.