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Missouri Breach of Lease

Missouri landlords can issue a breach of lease notice if the tenants have broken one or more rules of the lease agreement. A notice of violation of lease agreement can follow a standard format, or it can be just a letter, but it should be in writing if the landlord wishes to take any further legal action against the tenant.

Why you need a Missouri breach of lease notice

As a landlord, you will write a breach of lease to notify the tenant that they have broken the terms and conditions as per the lease agreement. You cannot issue an eviction notice without a prior breach of lease notice. The laws require that tenants be given a proper time to rectify any potential breach, and when the issues are not rectified, the landlord can then issue an eviction notice.

A breach of lease allows the landlord to specify the number of days the tenant has to rectify their mistakes. The number of days could be outlined in the original lease agreement.

How to write a Missouri breach of lease

Generally, any breach of lease letter should have the following information:

  • Landlord’s and tenant’s name
  • Premise address
  • Days notice given before the landlord takes further action

Our systems have made it easier to write a breach of lease notice for any city in Missouri. It takes an average person less than 10 minutes to fill out the template and download it.

The first section of the printable breach of lease form requires you to write down the landlord’s information. You will need to write the landlord’s full name, address, legal street address, city, state, and zip code. Luckily our form covers up to two landlords and four tenants.

Next part is the tenant contact information and the premises information. You’ll need to state the premise type, address, city, and zip code.

In breach notice details state whether you will be attaching a copy of lease agreement and also write down the date when the tenant breached the lease. State the number of days’ notice given and also provide some few sentences of the specific reasons the lease was breached.

In other details, section indicate when the document will be signed if proof of service is available and the number of witnesses to sign the document.

When a breach of lease is justified in Missouri

There are some exceptions to the rule that any tenant in Missouri who breaks a lease agreement is bound to pay the rent for the entire lease term. They include:

  • If the tenant is starting an active military duty. The federal law allows any tenant starting an active military duty after signing a rental agreement to breach the lease without paying rent for the entire lease term. The person should be in part of the “uniformed services.”
  • If the rental unit violates Missouri safety or health codes.
  • If the landlord harasses or violates the tenant’s privacy rights, the tenant can breach the lease without any rent obligation.