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New York City / NYC Roommate Agreement

A New York City / NYC Roommate Agreement is a contract between roommates or tenants. This agreement puts forth the duties and responsibilities of two or more roommates living together in a rented/leased property. All the parties signing a New York City roommate agreement must adhere to the rules agreed upon by the all the tenants sharing the premises. Before signing the document, each roommate must carefully review the agreement document to be certain that each person will comply with the rules of the document.

Roommate agreements are popular within New York City and among university students as the contract allows a person who has already leased with the landlord to sublease the same space to another person.

How to Write a New York City/ NYC Roommate Agreement

It should be noted that while a roommate agreement obligates the roommates to each other, the agreement has no bearing on the property owner or landlord. The property owner is only bound to the main lease agreement.

A basic roommate agreement should document the following:

  • Premises information
  • Roommates information
  • Terms of agreement
  • Premises guidelines
  • Payment information

Our New York City roommate agreement is simple to fill and yet ensures all the relevant details that should be in a roommate agreement are put down.

The first section of the NYC roommate agreement requires you to enter the premises information. Our New York City roommate agreement covers for different premises types from room, basement, condominium, house, apartment to mobile home. Premises information required include the premises type, address, city, state and zip code. You’ll be asked if you’d like to add extra information about the premises. Additional details may include the number of storage areas, bathrooms or bedrooms. It’s also important to state if a master lease exists.

Just like any other roommate agreement form, our NYC roommate agreement allows you to enter all roommates’ information. You’ll be required to enter the full name, legal street address, city, state and zip code. In roommate information section, you’ll also be required to state if the roommate is named in the lease, the amount they’re supposed to pay, the amount contributed for security deposit and the rent due in each payment period.

Regarding the term of agreement section, state when the lease agreement will commence and when it ends. If the premise is rented, you’ll be required to indicate when the roommate agreement will start and when the agreement shall be renewed, either weekly, monthly or annually. It’s also important to enter the number of days notices that a roommate should give before terminating the agreement.

New York City NYC Roommate Agreement Payment Information

Our New York City roommate agreement form lets you enter where the payment will be made to and rent due date, the penalty for late payment and returned checks and the amount of security.

Additionally, you can provide more details about the premises utilities, how the roommates will pay for the utilities and whom they will pay. Like any other roommate agreement, a New York City / NYC Roommate Agreement should indicate the date when the roommates will sign. If you wish to include witnesses or a notary public you can enter the details in “other details” section. You can download a filled printable NYC roommate agreement in various formats in your computer for further customization.